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01.31.19 •  The Dangers of Backup Due to Septic System Problems

Sure, a leaking pipe or running faucet can be an issue to many homeowners, but the most dreaded plumbing problem is sewage backup. Not only does this indicate some major septic system problems, but it is also a huge health hazard for the people in the vicinity of the backup. It’s important that homeowners understand what causes backup and its danger to their health. These are all part of the importance of regularly scheduled septic system maintenance. What Septic System Problems Cause Backup? Septic backup is a problem that is usually the cause of an overflowing septic tank. If your…


01.04.19 •  Your Septic System and Soap Damage

Soap is a material that we all rely on daily. From scrubbing up in the shower to filling our appliances with detergent, soap is a necessity to keeping our lives clean. Another necessity for cleanliness is a well-maintained septic system. Your septic system may seem like a literal tank, but it is actually more delicate than you’d expect; especially when it comes to soap. Find out how your soap and detergents could be damaging your system and how you can select products that keep you and your septic tank happy. Is Antibacterial Soap Bad for Your System? Your septic system…


12.31.18 •  Septic Tank New Year’s Resolutions

The New Year is creeping up on Dallas homeowners and it’s time to start thinking of resolutions. While weight loss and money may be your top resolution priorities, it may be a good idea to think outside of the box this year. Help your household save money by thinking about ways that you can stretch out the longevity of your septic system in 2019. 1.  Get Your Tank Inspected Granted that you already aren’t facing a septic system emergency, the first item to tick off on your resolutions list is to get your tank inspected. Your tank should be pumped…


12.31.18 •  How Does Winter Impact My Septic System?

Your septic system is able to be cleaned and pumped regardless of the time of year. However, it should be noted that winter brings about some difficulties that could potentially make your septic tank pump a unique job. Here is some important information on what you can expect if you are scheduling a tank cleaning during a Dallas winter. Pumpers Can Get Through a Frozen System Sometimes, the right conditions can cause a septic system to freeze. This usually happens when the system isn’t used for an extended period of time and sufficient temperatures are not able to prevent freezing.…


11.30.18 •  Portable Restrooms From Past to Present

Portable restrooms are a luxury that many Americans take for granted. Porta potties and restroom trailers are constantly ordered for weddings, family reunions, and rural events without a second thought. In coordination with 2018’s World Portable Sanitation Day, let’s take a look at where the idea of a portable restroom originated from and how it grew from its royal roots, into the modern units that we all know and appreciate. The “Throne” Reference is Quite Literal Often, portable restrooms and the toilet, in general, are referred to as “the throne.” While we often make this off-hand joke, the reality is…


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