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06.04.14 •  Preparing for a graduation gathering

That big day is here.  Your loved one is graduating!  Whether graduating from high school or college, why not celebrate?  When you are planning your special day or event, you might need additional restroom capabilities.  Hence, portable toilet rentals.  Let Texas Johns and our friendly staff assist you with planning your portable toilet needs for your special day. Texas Johns rents portable toilets all over North Dallas from Denton to McKinney.  We have portable toilets to fit whatever occasions you have.  Need several units, service over the weekend to keep them fresh, we can handle it.  Looking for a luxury…


05.29.14 •  4th of July Festivities Just Around the Corner

With the 4th of July just around the corner with events ranging from firework parties to weddings to large outdoor festivals, these events will consume just about all of the available portable toilet rentals in Dallas-Fort Worth. With many large fireworks exhibitions, concerts, city functions, and parades, the porta-potty rental companies will be extremely busy fulfilling these demands. If you are looking for portable toilet rentals for your event, get them booked now.  Waiting can cost you substantially more for the rental and the chance of not even being able to book units for your event.  By calling sooner than…


05.01.14 •  History of Portable Toilets

Ever wonder who or where portable toilets were invented?  It all began back in the 1940’s in a ship yard in Long Beach, California.  Workers building ships had to travel back to the docks every time they had to use the restroom.  One of the ship builders recognized the immense amount of wasted time it took for the laborers to go and use the bathroom and shortly thereafter the builder of the ships found the company who was in charge of pumping the restrooms on the dock.  He asked them if it would be possible to build a portable toilet…


04.25.14 •  Portable Toilet Rentals 24/7 when Emergencies Arise

As much as we do not want to think about emergencies, we have to be prepared to handle emergencies as they arise.  These emergencies come in all different forms.  In North Central Texas, whether you are in McKinney where a recent storm sent down a small tornado or in Denton, Texas where they recently had baseball-sized hail, storms can be crippling.  Losing power and/or water during these storms can inhibit your ability to use your restrooms.  In comes Texas Johns and our portable toilets rentals to the rescue. We know these emergencies arise and we are prepared. Texas Johns makes…


04.18.14 •  So many portable toilet rental companies – who do I choose?

Searching for a Portable Toilet Rental Here you are, online searching for a portable toilet rental company.  Whether you search Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Microsoft, chances are you will get the same results when searching for a portable toilet company.  Lots and lots and lots of different companies claiming to have the best, most clean and best pricing online.  So you start calling a few of them and get pricing and further details on their services and portable toilets.  Everything seems ok but, be very careful. Beware of Brokers Many of the companies online are simply “Brokers”. They use their…


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