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12.31.18 •  How Does Winter Impact My Septic System?

Your septic system is able to be cleaned and pumped regardless of the time of year. However, it should be noted that winter brings about some difficulties that could potentially make your septic tank pump a unique job. Here is some important information on what you can expect if you are scheduling a tank cleaning during a Dallas winter. Pumpers Can Get Through a Frozen System Sometimes, the right conditions can cause a septic system to freeze. This usually happens when the system isn’t used for an extended period of time and sufficient temperatures are not able to prevent freezing.…


11.30.18 •  Portable Restrooms From Past to Present

Portable restrooms are a luxury that many Americans take for granted. Porta potties and restroom trailers are constantly ordered for weddings, family reunions, and rural events without a second thought. In coordination with 2018’s World Portable Sanitation Day, let’s take a look at where the idea of a portable restroom originated from and how it grew from its royal roots, into the modern units that we all know and appreciate. The “Throne” Reference is Quite Literal Often, portable restrooms and the toilet, in general, are referred to as “the throne.” While we often make this off-hand joke, the reality is…


11.15.18 •  Celebrate World Portable Sanitation Day with Texas Johns

Even though the world is such a large place, there are still shining moments when we can all come together and agree on the important things in life. November 19, 2018 signifies World Portable Sanitation Day. Sustainable sanitation is a global priority, and Texas Johns is proud to be a Dallas company that is promoting the cause through our services. What is the Goal of World Portable Sanitation Day? World Portable Sanitation Day was created by The Portable Sanitation Association International. It is celebrated in conjunction with World Toilet day with the efforts to promote the use of portable toilets…


10.29.18 •  Fall Opportunities for Porta Potty Rentals

Porta potty rentals are opportunities that are available year-round in the city of Dallas. With the fall season now in full swing and the weather beginning to cool down, it is the perfect time to host outdoor events that require the need for porta potties. Planning ahead for your next outdoor event is important, so knowing if you will need a porta potty should be on your event checklist. Here are some popular fall events that could benefit tremendously from a porta potty or trailer restroom rental. School Halloween Carnivals/Homecomings Halloween carnivals and homecoming festivities are abound this time of…


10.15.18 •  5 Benefits of Frequent Septic Maintenance

Septic maintenance is a household necessity for any homeowner. As septic professionals, we recommend getting your septic system pumped every few years. Not only does this preserve your septic tank and increase its longevity, but this service also has some benefits that directly impact you as a customer. Here are five ways that septic maintenance can have a direct, positive impact on your life. 1.   Start Changing Habits Before They Become Problems We’ve all flushed the wrong product down the toilet and not thought twice about the consequences. Sure, it may take some time for damage to show, but even…


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