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06.28.18 •  Different Types of Septic Systems

Your home's septic system is important for keeping your home free of toxins that stem from the waste that goes into it. Sometimes a septic system may become damaged or ultimately fail. Other times, the system simply needs to be pumped as standard maintenance. Whether you need a repair or a septic system flush, it is important that you have some knowledge about the system that keeps your waste away from your home. When you contact a professional to work on your septic tank, they may ask you about the type of system you have; unfortunately, "A regular one," isn't…


06.15.18 •  Top Reasons For Septic Drainfield Problems

Your septic tank is an important element of your overall septic system, but the most important part of your system is the septic drainfield itself. The drainfield is the underground waste facility that disposes of the waste that is sent through your septic system's pipes. Once the water hits the drainfield, it is held there until it is naturally treated within the soil. Sometimes septic system failure can stem from the drainfield. While this can be difficult for the average person to pin down as a septic problem, a local septic professional can help you figure out where your issue lies.…


05.31.18 •  Does Your Septic Tank Need Pumping?

Knowing the difference between a clogged drain and a full septic tank is important.  Each is a separate situation that has large differences in repair costs and methods, so understanding what to look for could save you some time and money. At Texas John's we understand that your finances are important and spending your hard-earned money on an unnecessary repair is something that you want to avoid. So, here are some approaches that you can take in order to determine if you have a simple clogged pipe or a septic tank that needs to be pumped. How Many Fixtures  Are Backing Up?…


05.15.18 •  5 Products to Never Flush Into Your Septic System

We've all heard about the endless list of things that should never be flushed down a toilet. Why? Because they take a toll on your septic system, especially if your septic tank is full; leading to premature and costly repairs. Take a look at 5 of the most volatile products for your septic system. While it's obvious to most people that flushing large, physical objects is bad for your septic system, there are quite a few items that people may think to be safe but are actually not. Texas Johns is proud to bring you this list in the hopes…


04.27.18 •  5 Septic Tank Problems You Can Find on Your Own

Having your septic tank function properly is essential to your home running smoothly. However, when septic tank problems start to occur within a septic tank, things can get messy, fast. It is important to know what some possible problems are with a septic tank when it begins to malfunction. Although the septic tank has a name that screams strength and durability, the average homeowner would be surprised at how many problems can occur with this unit. Here are our top five reasons that a tank may fail. 1. Fractures and Cracks? Look Underground! If you notice excess water around your…


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