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Construction Site Hand Sanitizers: Tips and Benefits


On a construction site, safety is paramount. The bustling environment, heavy machinery and the countless heavy-duty tasks underway mean precautions are taken seriously. But the dangers aren’t all physical. It’s important to remember that safety includes health. These precautions should be taken just as seriously.

Let’s check out some benefits of incorporating hand sanitizer dispensers into your construction site setup for health and safety. Then we’ll go step-by-step through the process of getting them onto your site.

Keeping Germs at Bay

Construction sites are usually a hub of activity, with numerous workers coming in and out daily. With so many people interacting and touching surfaces, the risk of spreading germs and infections increases substantially. 

Imagine a construction project where the flu breaks out among the workforce, causing delays and hampering productivity. Hand sanitizer dispensers are your defense mechanism against those harmful pathogens. Place these stations at strategic points throughout your site to drastically reduce workers’ illness and downtime.

Step-by-Step Implementation

Incorporating hand sanitizer stations isn’t just about fighting immediate health risks. It’s also about fostering a culture of hygiene and responsibility. When tools for cleanliness are readily available, it sends a clear message: You value your workers’ well-being. 

Installing hand sanitizers encourages your employees to prioritize worksite health and safety. It’s a small but impactful step that can decrease sick days, increase morale, and foster a sense of unity among the workers.

Identify Key Locations

Determine the high-traffic areas where workers are likely to gather or touch surfaces frequently.

When it comes to strategically placing your hand sanitizing stations, identify areas where they will have the most significant impact. Think about the flow of activity over a day and places where workers naturally congregate. 

These locations will vary based on the specific layout and needs of your construction site, but here are a few to consider:

Entrances and Exits

Set up hand sanitizer dispensers at the construction site’s main entry and exit points. Everyone who enters or leaves the site can thus easily sanitize, minimizing their risk of introducing or spreading germs.


Place hand sanitizer dispenser stations near restroom facilities, especially around portable restrooms. People will be touching surfaces like doorknobs and faucets, and a nearby station will encourage them to sanitize their hands afterward.

Break Areas

Designate specific break areas for workers to rest and recharge, and position hand sanitizer dispensers in these areas. It’s crucial to promote a culture of cleanliness, even during breaks.

Tool Storage

Construction tools are handled by multiple workers, making them potential carriers. Hand sanitizing stations near tool storage will remind workers to sanitize before and after using them.

Choose the Right Hand Sanitizer Stations

Invest in durable, easy-to-use hand sanitizing stations. Look for options that are weather-resistant for outdoor sites.

Selecting the appropriate portable hand sanitizer is crucial to ensuring their effectiveness and longevity. Consider these factors when choosing stations:


Construction sites are dynamic environments, and any equipment must withstand the wear and tear of daily activities. Stations made from sturdier materials can better withstand impacts and rough handling.

Ease of Use

Stations with user-friendly mechanisms require minimal effort to dispense the sanitizer itself. Look for options with large, easily identifiable buttons, or sensors for touchless dispensing.

Weather Resistance

If your site is exposed to the elements, invest in weather-resistant hand sanitization stations that can withstand rain, sun and fluctuating temperatures without deteriorating.

Regular Hand Sanitizer Refilling

Work with your sanitizing station provider to ensure your stations are consistently stocked with sanitizer to maintain their functionality. A consistent supply of hand sanitizer is essential to the success of your sanitizing initiative:

Scheduled Refills

Establish a regular schedule for refilling hand sanitizer dispensers, which may need to be done multiple times a day.

Bulk Supply

Purchase sanitizer in bulk to be sure you have an adequate supply on hand. If there’s a storage area near the stations, see if you can keep it there for easy refilling access.

Monitor Levels

Assign a teammate to monitor the sanitizer levels and refill as needed. This ensures they’re always operational and lowers the chance of running out.

Employee Awareness

Educate your workforce about the importance of using the stations and a healthy worksite. Promoting employee awareness and buy-in is a critical step in ensuring the success of your initiative.

Training Sessions

Organize training sessions or toolbox talks to educate your workers about the importance of hygiene and proper hand sanitizing techniques.

Visual Aids

Clearly illustrated posters near each station can highlight the proper hand-sanitizing process.

Lead by Example

Management and supervisors should be consistently using hand sanitizer stations. Demonstrating your commitment to safety is vital and encourages your employees to follow suit.

Building a Safer World with Texas Johns

Incorporating hand sanitizer dispensers in your construction site is a simple but powerful way to promote a healthy workplace and highlight the importance of everyone’s well-being. Let Texas Johns help you ensure the success of your construction project while safeguarding the health of your workforce and clients!

Looking to create a safer site and enhance your reputation? Contact Texas Johns today to learn how our hand sanitizer stations can elevate your project’s success!



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