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11.18.19 •  5 Tips for Keeping Your Septic Tank Functioning This Thanksgiving

The holidays are here, and your septic tank could use a little extra TLC. Don’t waste your family time worried about a septic system that’s backed up and created a nasty problem. Try out these holiday tips that will keep your packed house focused on the good times and not a busted septic tank. Save Room in Your Septic Tank Don’t Shower All At Once If you have a big family and your home is the hub for Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations, your septic system can easily become overloaded. What most people don’t know is that your tank collects water…


10.31.19 •  4 Ways Luxury Restroom Trailers Keep Fall Wedding Guests Happy

Fall is here and the cooler weather is one of the reasons that many Texans host weddings during this time of the year. Your wedding is most likely going to be the event of the year, so you’ll want to be sure your guests have a nice place “to go” if there isn’t a restroom on site.  Find out four reasons why so many couples turn to Texas Johns for our comfort suite restroom trailers for their event. Clean Portable Options Weddings by nature, are upscale events that guests expect to have an air of all-around class; even down to…


10.15.19 •  Tips for Using Porta-Potties at Cycling and Marathon Events

Cooler weather is rolling in and so many athletic Texans are preparing for the fall cycling, running and marathon events! It’s no surprise that porta-potties are popular rental options for such large-scale events. Since there are so many people involved in a marathon, using the restroom isn’t as simple as it would be at a normal function. Trust us, the porta-potties will be an event hot spot, so check out these tips to follow that will keep the marathon experience a fun one for everyone! Porta-Potties Aren’t Your Changing Room! Before the big race, come prepared to start! Porta-potties are…


09.30.19 •  How Texas Johns Breaks Porta-Potty Stereotypes

Porta-potty rentals usually come with the dread of your unit living up to the awful stereotypes that plague our industry. Sadly, sometimes when renting from an unreliable company, the stereotypes are the truth. However, at Texas Johns, we break all of the big myths behind portable restroom rentals. We believe in being transparent, so here’s how our rental company continuously proves stereotypes wrong. A Porta-Potty From Texas Johns is a Class Act Many people wrongfully believe that portable restrooms are meant purely for parks and limited events. While we do serve those sectors, we also have a reputation for providing…


09.11.19 •  4 Portable Restroom Placement Tips

Portable restroom placement is one of the most common concerns we get from customers who rent toilet units from Texas Johns. We have to explain that portable restroom placement isn’t as simple as picking a spot and dropping the rental off. There are several things to consider that could end up saving you a lot of money by helping to avoid vandalism and city fines. Here are four of our placement tips that will keep your rental experience a good one. Portable Restroom Placement Near the Action is Ideal Crowd satisfaction is your number one priority during a party or…


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