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05.25.19 •  Busting Open 3 Common Portable Restroom Myths

Sometimes people know that more restrooms for their event are a necessity, but fail to rent a portable restroom because they’ve either had bad experiences in the past or have fallen prey to the social stigma that surrounds them. At Texas Johns, our business is portable restrooms, and we couldn’t confidently operate our business if the rumors surrounding porta potty rentals were true. Here are three of the biggest myths that hold renters back from creating a comfortable environment for their guests. Portable Restrooms Are Always Cramped One of the biggest misconceptions about portable bathrooms is that they are known to…


05.14.19 •  Home Remedies for Between Septic System Maintenance

Most homeowners keep up a healthy septic tank maintenance routine every four years. However, we don’t usually keep in mind how hard our septic system actually works for the home. Experts even say that our home septic systems require attention at least once a month. Sometimes your tank may need some TLC and calling a pumping company isn’t a financially friendly option. If you find your tank looking a little dirty between pumps, try out some of these home remedies that will keep your system running well until your next maintenance service. Clear Out Your Septic System Mainline with Vinegar…


04.25.19 •  Top Questions to Ask When Renting a Portable Restroom

When most people opt to rent a porta potty for their event, their primary concern is securing the toilet in time for their anticipated guests. However, there are actually several things that need to be taken into account before making a final decision on a portable restroom rental company. Before you plan your next spring event, run through this list of questions with your potential portable sanitation rental company to ensure that you are making a secure and sanitary selection. 1.  Is the Rental Company Local? No matter the industry, shopping local is always the best option. This approach is…


04.06.19 •  Why Your Construction Site Needs A Portable Restroom

Construction jobs can be hot, strenuous, and just uncomfortable at times for the workers involved. From home remodels to full-on building construction, one of the essentials of keeping morale up during any construction project is the addition of a portable restroom on-site. Here are some of the biggest perks of splurging on a portable restroom rental unit for the workers on your project. They Solve the “Restroom Problem” Any respective construction foreman will ensure that their employees have a place to relieve themselves when they’ve “got to go.” But sadly, there are some companies out there that believe in saving…


03.08.19 •  Septic System Due Diligence When Shopping For A Home

When shopping for a new home, you obviously want one in excellent condition. However, sometimes looks can be deceiving and your dream home could have some nightmare septic system problems. Avoid excessive septic system repairs by conducting an on-site inspection of your septic system. Here are some things to look out for and to expect during this process. Make Moves Before Your Septic System Inspection Before your official septic system inspection is scheduled, you will want to find out some more information about the property and its past. Age Matters The average septic system has a life expectancy of 25-30…


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