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06.11.21 •  How Texas Johns Keeps Your Construction Site’s Porta-Potties Clean

Per OSHA standards, every construction site is required to have available toilets for their employees to use. In most construction situations, this means that a company will rent out a number of porta-potties for the duration of the construction project. At Texas Johns, we understand that your project comes first and that you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleanliness and maintenance of your portable restroom rentals. That’s why we make it our duty to provide maintenance services for our clients that ensure a pleasant experience for everyone who enters one of our facilities. Here’s a look at some of…


05.28.21 •  How Texas Johns Can Help You Plan The Perfect Outdoor Wedding Reception

As mask restrictions continue to loosen and people across the country receive vaccinations against COVID-19, many couples are finally ready to have that wedding of their dreams in 2021. Aside from the ceremony itself, one of the biggest draws of a Texas summer wedding is its reception. Outdoor receptions seem to be the safest way for people to celebrate, however, not all outdoor venues have ample restroom facilities. Get help from Texas Johns for your wedding to ensure that no matter where your reception is held, your guests will remain comfortable, clean, and ready to get back to the party.…


05.11.21 •  What Should You Do if Your Porta-Potty Gets Tipped?

Whether you had your porta-potty rental placed in an unfortunate spot or mischievous teenagers thought it might be fun to tip over your rental, a fallen portable restroom can be a nightmare for any rental client. Fortunately, Texas Johns has a plan for our customers who suffer this unfortunate fate. Here are our tips for what you can do in this situation as our team makes our way out to your site for an efficient clean-up. Call Your Porta-Potty Rental Company Before taking any further action in the situation, the first thing you’ll have to do is call your rental…


04.29.21 •  Top Features to Consider From a Luxury Portable Restroom Rental

Spring and summer are popular seasons for people to host large gatherings like weddings, business picnics, and family reunions. While the standard porta potty could be a useful restroom substitute at an outdoor event, some people may want their gathering to have an extra bit of flair to them. For those who want their outdoor event to have a taste of luxury involved, restroom trailers are an excellent and affordable option for any upscale gathering. Multiple Stalls You want your portable restroom to provide as easy access as possible to your guests. If you are hosting a larger event where…


04.13.21 •  How Texas Johns Helps You Get Over Paruresis

Paruresis is the phobia of using public restrooms to relieve yourself. This is a very real phobia that goes hand-in-hand with people not wanting to use a portable restroom out of fear that they are dirty or unsafe. At Texas Johns, while we empathize with people who live with paruresis, we are also here to say that our practices can help you overcome your phobia; at least at events where we help out.  We Keep Our Porta-Potties Clean One of the biggest stigmas that surround our industry is that portable restrooms are unsanitary and generally filthy. Sure, an ill-maintained porta-potty…


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