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09.30.19 •  How Texas Johns Breaks Porta-Potty Stereotypes

Porta-potty rentals usually come with the dread of your unit living up to the awful stereotypes that plague our industry. Sadly, sometimes when renting from an unreliable company, the stereotypes are the truth. However, at Texas Johns, we break all of the big myths behind portable restroom rentals. We believe in being transparent, so here’s how our rental company continuously proves stereotypes wrong. A Porta-Potty From Texas Johns is a Class Act Many people wrongfully believe that portable restrooms are meant purely for parks and limited events. While we do serve those sectors, we also have a reputation for providing…


09.11.19 •  4 Portable Restroom Placement Tips

Portable restroom placement is one of the most common concerns we get from customers who rent toilet units from Texas Johns. We have to explain that portable restroom placement isn’t as simple as picking a spot and dropping the rental off. There are several things to consider that could end up saving you a lot of money by helping to avoid vandalism and city fines. Here are four of our placement tips that will keep your rental experience a good one. Portable Restroom Placement Near the Action is Ideal Crowd satisfaction is your number one priority during a party or…


08.29.19 •  Portable Toilets And The Emphasis Of ADA Compliance

Disabled accessibility is a right that Texas government has made a big push for in recent years. With the success of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), many Gainesville buildings and public locations have become compliant with the act, and have made the customer experience accessible to all. While most people may not even think about this issue, handicap accessibility is extremely important for those in need of portable toilets at a public event. Texas Johns is proud to be an ADA ally and offers handicap portable toilet units to our customers in Gainesville and other Cooke County cities. Here…


08.16.19 •  The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Septic Systems

Taking care of septic systems is what we do at Texas Johns! While we’ve focused on the residential aspect of these important systems, there is a unique commercial sector that still hasn’t been covered. Commercial septic systems are a necessity for commercial businesses but require some extra care in order to keep them flowing properly. If your business doesn’t have a commercial system but is considering a change, check out this useful information covering the ins and outs of septic systems for larger, commercial locations. When is a Commercial Septic System a Need? Although it is always advantageous to have…


07.29.19 •  6 Tips For Handling Portable Restroom Vandalism At Your Public Event

  We’ve all seen the portable restroom with graffiti and vulgar slang strewn across its surface. This look isn’t inviting to users and can be one of the biggest frustrations with long-term portable restroom rentals. If you are planning on a long-term portable restroom rental this summer, keeping them clean from vandalism should be a priority. Try out these six tips that will help you get rid of and possibly avoid vandalism on your portable toilet rental units. Put Your Portable Restroom in a Secure Spot Before you make the call for a rental unit, make sure you’ve planned out…


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