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Waste Holding Tanks Rentals

Whether short or long-term, mobile workspace wouldn’t be very useful without a waste holding tank rental. Luckily, Texas Johns, LLC supplies holding tanks to use with job trailers. Easily hidden out of sight, holding tanks function as receptacles for waste and are especially necessary for long-term on-site arrangements.


How Many Portable Waste Holding Tank Rentals Do I Need?

It may be somewhat confusing to know how many portable waste holding tanks to rent, and for good reason. Holding tanks can be attached as just one unit or be hooked up together to form a single high-capacity waste reservoir. The answer depends on your specific needs and based on those needs, Texas Johns can help you determine the number of portable toilets and waste holding tanks you need for your job site.

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For a hypothetical example, if you’re searching for sanitation solutions for a construction worksite for a span of three months, you need to know the total number of workers on-site at any given time during a typical 40-hour workweek. This will help you and Texas Johns determine how many portable toilets and waste holding tanks to rent for those three months, and if you decide to rent hand washing stations or sinks, whether or not your workforce will be best served by using separate waste holding tanks or plumbing the holding tanks together to form a single large-capacity reservoir.

High-Capacity Waste Holding Tanks

Whether you choose the 250-gallon or the 300-gallon capacity waste holding tank (or even a combination of the two), you can rest assured knowing that waste is safely being stored out of sight. Made of heavy-duty plastic, our portable waste holding tanks are made to work with different plumbing configurations. Our portable waste holding tanks are also a prime choice for use with RVs and on long-term work sites.

Texas Johns will provide timely and professional service at your site once or twice weekly, depending on the number of people on-site. Contact our knowledgeable staff for waste holding tank rentals, they will take the utmost care in providing you with the best service.

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