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Evolving Portable Toilets: From Standard to Luxury Restroom Trailers

Texas Johns Restroom Trailers at Oak Farms Dairy

Portable toilets provide a vital service. When plumbing is not available or sufficient, a portable restroom is necessary. Casual or upscale, there is a portable toilet to suit the event…but that wasn’t always the case.

Early Days: Basic Portable Toilets

History gave us chamber pots and outhouses. The evolution of the portable toilet began in 1836.  J.L. Toilet designed a wooden box-style pot that was filled with sawdust to use when an outhouse, chamber pot, or outdoor visit was problematic.

The first modern-day portable toilets came about during World War II.  The laborers in the shipyards of California get credit.  Walking all the way back to the docks to use a bathroom took time.  Someone came up with the idea to build temporary toilets and place them directly on the ships.  It was a wooden shelter with a small metal holding tank.  They were large, heavy, and foul, but they served a purpose.


It was during the 1950s and ’60s that the porta-potty became popular among event organizers. Fiberglass construction began in the 1970s, then in the ’80s, plastic. Today, polyurethane is the most common material used for standard port-a-potties.

The chemicals have evolved as well. Originally full of sawdust, holding tanks, then formaldehyde, there are now safer solutions for a clean restroom on the go. Today, four chemicals are found in porta-potties: dye, biocides (prevent the growth of bacteria), fragrance, and detergents.

The portable restroom has modernized in time, including translucent roofs for light, non-slip floors, ventilation systems, air fresheners, and separate urinals. It is even possible to see a roll-around toilet 20 stories up on a high-rise construction site. There are now luxury and executive model portable toilets too.

Rise of the Luxury Portable Toilet

When hosting an upscale affair, a traditional porta-potty doesn’t fit the image.  The restroom situation should fit the event and venue…thus the Luxury Portable Toilet.

Texas Johns, in the Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas area, provides portable restroom trailers that are appropriate for larger events.  We offer 2 or 3 single-stall toilets in a trailer.  These trailers offer toilet paper, a sink, as well as heating and cooling.

Need a 4-station trailer? This comes with two women’s stalls and one stall, plus a urinal in the men’s room.  Includes sinks, heating and cooling, flushable toilets, and wash-up supplies. Our 6 and 8 station restroom trailers come equipped the same as a 4-station, but with more available stalls.

Some events call for extra features that do not come with a restroom trailer. First-class trailers are available for rent at Texas Johns. Our 10-station restroom trailer provides guests with added space, mirrors, electricity, heating and cooling, flushable toilets, and running water in the sinks.  The lighting is bright, and all needed bathroom amenities are included. This is the upscale portable restroom your posh event calls for.

Chamber Pots to Luxury Restroom Trailers: Texas Johns is Ready for the Future

Chamber pots, outhouses, and sawdust toilet boxes may have been the choices our ancestors had, but we have better.  The portable toilet has progressed in cleanliness and luxury.

If your Dallas/Fort Worth area business or occasion is in need of portable restrooms of any type, Texas Johns is the company to call. We offer hygiene, convenience, and luxury at a fair price. Contact us today to discuss your portable restroom needs.  We have what you want.



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