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History of Portable Toilets and Porta Potties


Ever wonder who or where portable toilets were invented? It all began back in the 1940’s in a shipyard in Long Beach, California. Workers building ships had to travel back to the docks every time they had to use the restroom. One of the ship builders recognized the immense amount of wasted time it took for the laborers to go and use the bathroom and shortly thereafter the builder of the ships found the company who was in charge of pumping the restrooms on the dock.  He asked them if it would be possible to build a portable toilet that could be placed temporarily on the ship during the course of the work. Soon thereafter, a wood portable toilet was created. This idea soon took off and spread quickly into portable toilets for the construction industry and into the hands of organizers for porta potties for large crowd events.

How Portable Toilets and Porta Potties Have Change Over Time

Since the beginning till now, porta potties have evolved into light, durable and functional units. Changes in materials over time, from wood to fiberglass to high density plastics have made them less absorptive to chemicals and smells and much easier to keep sanitary. Portable toilets constructed in today’s factories will last 20-30 years if taken care of and maintained.

Also, changes to the chemicals used to keep portable toilets fresh have significantly improved, specifically user performance and acceptance.  The blue deodorizer often seen in the tank of portable toilets consist of many types of compounds that aid in the suppression of odors and cover up objects or material already in the portable toilet. Even formaldehyde’s are added during the warmer summer months to aid in smell suppression. If you have a portable toilet service company and they are doing their job, and you the customers do yours by having sufficient portable toilets for the quantity of workers or guests you have, these chemicals will keep your unit smelling and looking good.

Porta Potty Rentals at Texas Johns 

At Texas Johns, we strive to make sure portable toilet rentals are serviced at specific intervals and the proper amount of chemicals are added at each service. Our service technicians use high-quality soaps during servicing to ensure the units are fresh and ready for the next service cycle. If you are looking for a portable toilet rental company, contact us today to request information.


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