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How Does Texas Johns Meet Handwashing Station Availability Requirements?

Portable Handwashing Sink Rentals in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Whether you are a construction site manager or part of a committee organizing the latest community event, portable handwashing stations should always be a point of importance. 

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), adequate handwashing stations are necessary for construction sites and events that have any number of employees on site. 

OSHA standards actually require one handwashing station per every 20 employees at an event or site. 

While the term “adequate” may seem vague, there are some specific standards that portable handwashing stations must meet. Let’s take a look at what they are and why it’s so important to ensure your next event or project has enough handwashing stations to keep guests and employees healthy.

What is the Importance of Available Handwashing Stations?

Any event that involves working outdoors or with materials like paint, herbicides, and insecticides runs a high risk of spreading illness when inadequate handwashing stations are available. 

Some people believe that providing hand sanitizer is enough to prevent the spread of germs and other health risks. But the truth is, that no amount of hand sanitizer is effective enough to eliminate the need for handwashing when a job gets messy.

How Does Texas Johns Meet OSHA Handwashing Station Requirements?

OSHA has very straightforward requirements that outlne what is an adequate handwashing station. No, a rag, soap, and bucket of water won’t make the muster. 

Let’s examine the five key requirements and how handwashing station rentals from Texas Johns help your site stay in compliance.

Clean Enclosed Containers

Our hand’s-free spigot is attached to a clean, enclosed container that holds clean, potable water. Each station we provide has a tank large enough for over 200 washes, a deep sink basin for ample washing space, and are fully contained, single units.

Available Soap

Whether it’s bar soap or liquid soap, OSHA requirements state that all handwashing stations must have soap available to ensure efficient cleanliness. Each handwashing unit comes completely stocked with liquid soap that can easily be replenished upon request.

Greywater Receptacles

OSHA states that an adequate handwashing station must have a greywater holding tank that catches the used water after a wash. Our stations are designed to meet modern health standards and come complete with a greywater receptacle built into the unit and away from the public eye.

Covered Trash Containers in the Area

Covered trash containers nearby are a must for any handwashing station. Texas Johns ensures your station and restroom areas have covered containers at the ready where guests and employees can safely dispose of their trash.

Available Paper Towels

Paper towels are essential for an adequate handwashing station. Texas Johns ensures that each of our rentals comes fully stocked with enough paper towels to cover your event’s needs.

Keep Your Site or Event Cleaner Today, With Texas Johns

At Texas Johns, we take our sanitation services very seriously and are committed to going above and beyond for each client. Whether you need emergency maintenance services on your portable restroom or handwashing station, Texas Johns is available to help. 

Our sanitation experts are prepared to provide our clients with rental planning assistance, equipment placement, and anything else they’ll need to keep their site cleaner.

Contact us today to learn more about our portable restroom rentals, handwashing stations and other sanitation services.



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