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Outdoor Weddings Made Perfect: Luxury Restroom Trailers and More


A wedding is one of the most special days in a couple’s life.  While it is extremely special, it requires quite a bit of planning to ensure that everything runs smoothly. When considering an outdoor wedding, there are a few extra details that must be planned for, like restroom facilities. Texas Johns offers luxury restroom trailers that provide the perfect touch of convenience, style and comfort for any outdoor event. 

How Luxury Restroom Trailers Stand Out at a Wedding?

While we aren’t here to outshine the bride or groom, we are ready to elevate the comfort your guests experience at your wedding. Luxury portable restroom trailers offer extra amenities that do not come standard with traditional portable restroom rentals. Our first-class trailers include upgraded features such as:

  • 50’ o 20-amp electrical cable
  • 50’ of fresh water hose to hook up for running water
  • All sanitary supplies
  • Stairs, handrails and landings
  • Organized delivery, setup and removal

There are benefits of using luxury restroom trailers versus standard porta-potties:

  • More spacious
  • Multiple stalls
  • More sanitary
  • Have running water and sinks
  • Worry-free in all weather conditions
  • More attractive

Tips for Choosing Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Outdoor Wedding

When planning your outdoor wedding and/or outdoor celebration, keep in mind your venue. This will enable choosing the correct luxury restroom. It is important to check any guidelines or local regulations before rental.

Consider placement, as you will not want the luxury restroom trailers in full view of the ceremony or celebration, but not too far away. Having a sidewalk or mud-free pathway is best in case of rain. 

Possibly consider having the restrooms under a tent in case guests must wait in line in the sun or rain.  Renting plenty of restrooms per number of guests is important to avoid wait lines. More importantly, ensure that water and power sources are nearby for electricity and running water. 

When it comes to cost and options, do your homework.  Research providers, like Texas Johns,  to decide on size and amenities as well as cost.  Don’t be afraid to call and talk directly to the provider to answer all of your questions.  It is best to know the number of guests that are expected when doing your research. 

Don’t Be Scared To Glam Up Your Portable Restroom Rental

There are some things you can do to dress up the restrooms for your wedding celebration. Add small details like planters or seasonal flowers near the entrances.  Camouflage the trailers with shrubs or trees.  Inside, add toiletry baskets, decorative soaps or candles (if allowed.) A restroom attendant is also a nice touch.

Perfect Your Wedding Details With Texas Johns

Renting luxury restroom trailers for your outdoor wedding doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.  Texas Johns offers plenty of sizes and options to work with your guest list and budget. You want to enjoy all the fun of your outdoor wedding and outdoor reception without sacrificing cleanliness or luxury.  Your guests will be well pleased with the facilities and you will be able to relax knowing that this particular detail is well covered.  Contact Texas Johns to research your luxury bathroom options at (940)343-9229 or check us out at www.texasjohns.com



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