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Portable Restrooms for Disaster Relief: Quick and Efficient Solutions


Every year Texas and several other states experience severe storms.  Coastal states endure tropical storms and hurricanes. The heartland is victim to tornadoes.  The list of weather disasters includes winds, snow storms, floods, fires and intense, heavy rainfall.  These disasters can force people out of their homes and businesses.  Immediate disaster relief needs to include hot meals, clothing, showers and portable toilets.

When a natural disaster strikes, there is often widespread damage to the area’s infrastructure. Plumbing and sewers can often be part of the damage. Without proper plumbing and sewage, toilets become completely unusable.

This type of situation can lead to unsanitary and unhealthy conditions, especially if the population begins to use public areas and bodies of water for bathroom needs. Using portable restrooms provides a much-needed service for the general health and welfare of the population, without the need for electricity. 

How Can Porta-Potties Help in the Aftermath of a Natural Disaster?

It is vital to have access to clean, sanitary facilities following a natural disaster.  Porta-potties are crucial in keeping affected communities safe and healthy. Without access to electricity and plumbing, communities will quickly degenerate into a disgusting environment. Having portable restrooms complete with hand washing stations alleviates one of the many stresses victims endure and provides privacy for personal needs while servicing many people at one time. 

In the aftermath of these disasters, displaced families need to be cared for.  It is vital to attend to the children, sick or disabled, and the elderly as soon as possible. This consists of providing them with shelter and the supplies needed to keep them safe and healthy.

There are challenges dealing with the needs of evacuees, one priority being health and sanitation of a large number of people. Therefore, portable toilet preparation should be part of a community’s Disaster Management Plan. 

Texas Johns is Here for Our Communities

Emergency disaster response providers, like Texas Johns, can partner with charities, mission groups, businesses, as well as local and state governments to provide a quick and efficient sanitation response to disasters.

It is vital to be prepared.  No matter the demand, Texas Johns has the products and resources required to quickly set up a basecamp for those in need of portable bathroom facilities. Handicap accessible porta-potties are provided as well as standard portable bathrooms.  Hand sanitizer stations, and hand washing stations are also available for quick set up. Two-hundred- and fifty-gallon tanks of fresh water can be delivered as well. In emergency situations, portable restrooms provide evacuees with hygiene, dignity, and convenience.

We can even provide roll-off dumpsters that communities can use to help haul away debris and get life back to normal.

Always Stay Prepared With Texas Johns On Your Side

When creating a plan for any natural or unforeseen man-made disaster, contact Texas Johns to address your disaster strategy.  We can provide the equipment your community needs to maintain a sanitary environment when your norm is disrupted. Contact us to learn more about the services we provide throughout Texas.



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