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With the summer heat coming on, portable toilets can become unsightly and consist of significant odors if not serviced properly.  The holding tanks of portable toilets become an above-ground septic tank and they can quickly begin generating methane gases and other odors.  What is the best way to combat this?  Texas Johns uses a couple of strategies
First of all, units serviced weekly, on time can be a major factor in this equation.  Texas Johns makes it our goal to service every unit weekly, period!  No exceptions!  This will aid in keeping the units clean and minimize odors.  As a customer of our units, you can help by making sure each portable toilet does not get over-utilized, meaning each unit will service 10 workers for a 40 hour work week. If you go over this industry and OSHA standard, you might have issues with your portable toilet.

Secondly, during these hot summer months, Texas Johns increases both the amount of water added during each service and we also increase the number of chemicals and deodorizers.  By doing this, the added water and chemical provide additional coverage of materials deposited in the portable toilet and the chemical kills bacteria and odors.

With these strategies, your construction portable toilet rentals can be clean and user-friendly even during the summer months.  If your current units are not Texas Johns and they have any of these conditions which make them un-sightly, give us a call.  We believe we can help.  Our portable toilets for construction sites have all been purchased since October 2013 and we maintain a high standard of quality and cleanliness.  We also service our units every week.  That’s right every week.  We do not push our service folks to the edge where units get skipped.  Check out Texas Johns and you will be satisfied with our portable toilet rental services.



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