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Temporary Fencing Benefits for Road Construction

Temporary Fencing with Windscreen

Road improvements and new road construction are important for a growing population like the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Road work zones can be hazardous for both motorists and construction laborers. In those areas, certain precautions can be made, including portable fencing.

Texas Johns can help.

What is Temporary Fencing?

Temporary fencing is lightweight, portable fencing used for safety and security. It is an alternative to a permanent fencing. It’s useful on an interim basis when needed for crowd control, public safety, security or construction sites. Most types of temporary fencing are easy to install.

What Are the Benefits of Portable Fencing for Road Construction?

Construction sites are common in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. While common, they are often vulnerable to accidents. No matter where a site is located, the risk of accidents increases.

The biggest benefit of portable fencing in road construction is to protect the public and the laborers. Road construction sites run risks of falls, accidents with equipment, and exposure to hazardous substances. It is vital to keep all foot-traffic and vehicular traffic out of these work zones.

Between 2003 and 2020, roughly 2,222 road workers died at road construction sites. When a worker is at a job site, they are focused on the task at hand.  It is up to drivers to be aware and cautious in work zones.  Portable fencing is noticeable and helps to warn drivers of dangers.

On road work projects there can be equipment, open pavement, and hazardous materials.  This is not a safe place for pedestrians. Temporary fencing will keep the general public out of these areas.

Temporary Fencing is Easy

One reason that temporary fencing is commonly used is because of its flexibility. Portable fencing is lightweight, pliable, and easily moved. As progress is made on a project, the fencing can be relocated. It also can be removed when a project ends and reused at a new site. The versatility of portable fencing is a benefit to road crews.

Traffic management is a large issue in road construction risk assessment. Motorists need clear, bright, visual clues that construction is present. Since many drivers are already driving distracted, it is imperative for the safety of workers and drivers to have marked work zones.

The use of temporary fencing will help direct traffic and aid in traffic flow. The fencing will help minimize traffic congestion.

Temporary fencing in road construction is often a safety and regulatory rule. Local and state laws must be followed to maintain project integrity and company reputation.  A sloppy job site can result in fines, injuries, and loss of contracts. Portable fencing can keep a road construction site running within the confines of the law.

Best Practices in Road Construction

Road construction site managers must consider all possibilities of issues.  Planning and designing the work zone is a first step. When assessing what the project requires, temporary fencing should be part of that plan.  Fence placement, configuration, and movement as the project progresses will be considered. In placing the fencing, environmental factors, safety concerns, and equipment being used will also be evaluated. When installation and maintenance of fencing are addressed, it all must be done correctly.

Rent Portable Fencing for Your Construction Site Today, with Texas Johns

Portable fencing is not just a benefit, it is essential for all road construction projects. In preparation for your road construction project, a temporary fencing expert should be consulted to ensure the safety of laborers, vehicles, and pedestrians. Texas Johns is the professional your road work site requires.  Our versatile fencing options are a cost-effective solution to your fencing needs.  Contact us.



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