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The Do’s and Don’ts of Roll-Off Dumpsters

Roll Off Dumpster Rental Dallas Texas

When it comes to construction sites, residential remodeling projects, commercial businesses, or large events, roll-off dumpsters are the best idea for debris removal.

Curb-side or residential trash removal often cannot or will not handle the amount of debris that needs to be disposed of. Texas Johns makes your waste disposal safe, easy, and reliable with roll-off dumpster rentals.

What Should You Avoid Dumping in Your Dumpster?

There are varying sizes of roll-off dumpsters, but regardless of size, there are certain items you cannot throw into a dumpster. Rules can vary for some materials and from city to city but for the general rule, these items cannot be thrown into a dumpster:

Freon                                                   Hot water tanks                                    Tires

Paint Cans                                            Adhesives                                             Car batteries

Infectious Medical Waste                      Hazardous materials                             Contaminated soil

Household cleaners                               Ink                                                       Resins

Lacquers                                               Oil                                                        Propane tanks

Railroad ties                                         Asbestos                                               Industrial drums

Pesticides                                             Fluorescent lightbulbs

For certain items, it is best to check with your dumpster provider and your local laws. These sometimes-items would include refrigerators, microwaves, AC units, washers/dryers, and dishwashers. Electronic items are also questionable, such as TVs and computers. Mattresses and box springs depend upon your local laws as does yard waste, large and small.

Feel Free to Send These Items to the Bin

Some service areas do have local waste ordinances, but your roll-off dumpster can contain:

Household junk                                     Furniture                                              Bricks

Lumber                                                 Storm debris                                         Roofing shingles

Flooring materials                                 Clothing                                                Small appliances

Toilets                                                  Cabinets                                               Drywall

What if You Can’t Dump an Item?

After you read the list of dos and don’ts, it may have you wondering what you can do with those don’t items. Retailers will often offer to haul off appliances or old mattresses for you, but for a cost.

If not, they may have a referral for who to call for disposal. There are municipalities that have sites to accept these items for a fee. Some have drop-off programs for more dangerous items like pesticides, oil, or paint. Some residential trash haulers will take paint cans and brushes if they have been left out to completely dry out.

When disposing of your electronics, check your local electronics retailer or electronic recycler. With computers, reformat your hard drive or “wipe” it clear of all saved data. The best way to ensure environmentally-friendly disposal is to have the hard drive shredded and disposed of by a professional service.

This is a basic list of what you can and cannot put into your roll-off dumpster rental. It is always best to check with your local municipality and your roll-off dumpster provider on items that you are not sure about. Even with the allowed materials, sometimes there are limits based on weight, like for bricks or concrete.

Clean Out Your Mess the Easy Way, With Texas Johns

Roll-off dumpster rental is easy and affordable with Texas Johns. Just arrange with us when and where you will need your haul-away dumpster, then our team will meet your needs.

It gets delivered, you fill it up, and then it gets hauled away. Easy-peasy. No more contractor bags, just simple roll-off dumpster rentals. Your event or project will be efficient without any extra difficulty for you. Contact us today to start your roll-off dumpster order.



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