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Tips for Keeping Roll-Off Dumpsters Clean

Roll Off Dumpster Rentals for Event in Dallas-Fort Worth TX

Renting a roll-off dumpster is a great way to easily handle a large amount of debris at your office, home, remodeling project, or rental unit. Once you have your rented roll-off dumpster, you can do a few things to avoid any additional charges for excessive cleaning or even property damage.

Why Should You Clean Your Roll-Off Dumpster Rental?

Cleanliness is directly related to returning a security deposit. Always remember to follow the rules regarding what can and cannot be disposed of in a dumpster.
If you only have it for a short time, keeping it as clean as possible is as important as it is if it will be a long-term rental. Here are a few tips no matter how long you use your roll-off dumpster from Texas Johns.

Avoid Restricted Dumpster Items

In your rental agreement, you cannot put wet paint, tires, oil, electronics, asbestos products, chemicals, certain appliances, or anything Texas Johns lists as a dangerous waste product.

These are usually the cause of a messy dumpster and an environmental hazard if they end up in a landfill without proper disposal.

Place the Dumpster in an Accessible Zone

Be sure the dumpster is placed where it is accessible to both the user and Texas Johns for replacement or removal.

This helps avoid property damage and messes around the dumpster from you or your workers trying to lob waste into the bin and missing it because it’s in an area that doesn’t provide easy access.

No Food in the Dumpster When Possible

Keep pests away from the dumpster by avoiding putting food products into the dumpster. If it is necessary to dispose of food products, try to keep the lid closed.

Keep the area around your dumpster as clean as possible. Sweep up every evening around the container.
When finished for the day, close the lid to keep pests and weather out of your dumpster. Close the lid or cover it with a tarp and secure it.

Remember, pests can sneak into spaces the size of a quarter. Thus, do not overfill. Filling over the top allows pests to overflow onto the ground and wind to blow things out.

When Your Dumpster is Dumped, Clear the Inside and Wash it Out

Once a dumpster is emptied, debris may be left behind. Pick up any remaining trash.
You really want to avoid any build-up of mold or fungus. An easy way to do so is to combine a mixture of bleach and water and spray it or brush it around the entire inside of your dumpster to keep it clean and fresh.

Be sure to clean the outside as well when needed. Manually dry it out or allow the sun to dry it before putting any new garbage into it.

If your dumpster is being picked up and replaced, clean the area underneath the receptacle before placing the new one. This will help avoid bugs and other pests

Keep Guests and Employees Aware of Dumpster Rules

Ensure all employees know the can and can not’s of using a dumpster and that the whole work crew does its best to keep the dumpster clean. This can prevent safety and health issues.

When in a heavily traveled area, like a fair or outdoor celebration, it might be best to post warning tape or signs to keep patrons from using the roll-off dumpsters. Many restaurants keep their dumpster behind a fence and gate.

Ready to Keep Your Event Cleaner? Texas Johns can Help!

Roll-off dumpsters can benefit commercial businesses, home remodeling projects, outdoor fairs and festivals, and construction sites.

Having the right equipment for disposing of your debris is important. Texas Johns offers three sizes of roll-offs to suit your needs. Managing waste at your event, business or construction site is easy when you have the right company to rent it from. Contact us today to start your next rental!



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