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Your Texas Johns Guide to Excellent Outdoor Event Planning

Group of people enjoying an outdoor winter event

The holiday season is a time of joy, celebration and creating lasting memories. From twinkling lights to festive decorations, the holiday spirit is all about bringing people together. 

Hosting an outdoor holiday event can be challenging, however, especially when it comes to ensuring the comfort and convenience of your guests. This is where Texas Johns steps in, offering top-notch porta potties, restroom trailers, and temporary fencing rentals to transform your outdoor space into a true holiday wonderland.

Prioritizing Guest Comfort in Outdoor Events

Outdoor settings, while offering a picturesque backdrop, often lack essential amenities. This can lead to discomfort and a less enjoyable experience. Providing high-quality restroom facilities and secure fencing ensures your guests can relax and enjoy in comfort, joy, and safety.

The Magic of Restroom Trailers

Restroom trailers are a significant upgrade from standard portable toilets. They offer:

  • Aesthetic Appeal: These trailers can blend seamlessly with your event’s decor, maintaining the festive atmosphere.
  • Comfort and Hygiene: Equipped with flushing toilets, running water and climate control, restroom trailers ensure a clean and comfortable experience.
  • Spacious and Accommodating: Ideal for guests with children or those requiring additional space, our trailers cater to all needs.

Temporary Fences for Safety and Organization

When planning an outdoor holiday event, the significance of temporary fencing extends far beyond just setting boundaries. Fencing is crucial for several reasons, particularly crowd control, ensuring safety and designating specific areas for different activities. Let’s delve deeper into each of these functions:

Crowd Control: Ensuring a Seamless Flow of Guests

Temporary fencing manages the flow of guests, which is crucial for any large-scale outdoor event. These fences guide guests along designated paths and prevent any confusion or congestion. By strategically placing your fences, you can create a clear route for entrance and exit, making the movement of guests more efficient and less chaotic. This is especially important in events with multiple attractions or activities happening simultaneously. 

Fences can effectively channel guests to various sections like food stalls, seating areas or performance stages, ensuring everyone can access the event’s offerings without overcrowding in any single area.

More Planning Tips for Your Holiday Wonderland

TIP #1 — Assess Your Needs

Estimate the number of guests and determine the appropriate number of restroom trailers and the lengths of fencing required.

TIP #2 — Choose Strategic Locations

Place restroom trailers and fences in convenient areas that don’t disrupt the event’s flow.

TIP #3 — Communicate With Your Provider

Discuss your event details with Texas Johns to ensure all your needs are met.

TIP #4 — Decorate Accordingly

Integrate everything into your event’s theme for a cohesive look. A fall party just needs leaves and soft lighting, or you can evoke a winter wonderland with snowflakes, flocked branches, and other classic signs of winter.

TIP #5 — Plan for All Weather Conditions

Prepare for likely scenarios. Consider renting canopies or tents to protect guests from rain or provide shade from the sun. Ensure restroom trailers and fences are appropriately placed for potential weather changes.

TIP #6 — Ensure Proper Lighting

Especially for evening events, adequate lighting is essential — not just for aesthetics but for safety, too. Use string lights, lanterns and LED candles to create a warm, inviting atmosphere while illuminating pathways and facilities.

TIP #7 — Provide Clear Signage

Help your guests navigate smoothly by placing clear, visible signs directing them to different areas, especially the restrooms and emergency exits. Signs can also be themed to match the holiday décor.

TIP #8 — Consider Accessibility

Make sure the event is inclusive by seeing restroom trailers and other facilities are accessible to guests with disabilities. Have ramps and clear pathways to accommodate everyone.

TIP #9 — Create a Comfort Zone

Set up a cozy area with seating, like benches or bean bags, where your guests can relax, chat or take a break from the festivities. This can be incredibly welcoming for older guests or those with young children.

TIP #10 — Safety First

Have a safety plan in place. This includes first aid kits, fire extinguishers and a clear understanding of emergency procedures. Ensure all staff and volunteers are aware of these procedures.

TIP #11 — Plan for Waste Management

Beyond our restrooms, consider how you will handle waste and recycling. Place trash and recycling bins strategically around the space to keep your event clean and eco-friendly.

Spend Your Holiday With Texas Johns

Creating a holiday wonderland for an outdoor event is all about attention to detail. Amenities like our Texas Johns restroom trailers and temporary fencing aren’t just functional. They are integral to crafting a festive, organized, and memorable holiday event.

Remember, the holiday season is about making memories and enjoying time with loved ones. Let Texas Johns handle the details so you can focus on creating a magical experience for your guests.

Ready to transform your holiday event into a seamless, comfortable, and joyous celebration? Contact Texas Johns today for your restroom trailer and temporary fence rentals. Ensure your event isn’t just an occasion — make it a delightful experience your guests will remember for years to come. Reach out to Texas Johns now to start planning your holiday wonderland!



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