Portable Restroom Trailers

Two Stall Comfort Suite Restroom Trailer

Providing portable restroom facilities for your guests at special events means working with Texas Johns, LLC, a family-owned and operated business. Appropriate for events like music concerts and fairgrounds, as well as construction sites, our portable restroom trailers and porta potties are an important addition to your event prep in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas.

If you’re looking for high-quality restroom trailer rentals for your event, you’ll want to learn about our portable restrooms and the convenience of including a two or three-stall trailer for your guests.

Portable Restroom Trailer Features

Porta potties are a common feature at many large events. For many gatherings, a row of single-stall restrooms will do nicely. However, some events may call for porta-potties that feature extras and conveniences you might not expect of traditional stalls. That’s when our comfort suite restroom trailers are something to consider.

Our first class portable restroom trailers for rent include these upgraded features:

  • 50′ of fresh water hose to hook up to existing water
  • 50′ of 20 amp electrical cable
  • All sanitary supplies
  • Delivery, setup and removal
  • Stairs, handrails and landing platforms

Visitors and guests at special events often enjoy the experience more when they know there are restrooms available. Clean, sanitary, and well-equipped portable restroom trailers mean your concert or fair may receive increased patronage.

Our high-quality porta potty trailers are also an ideal addition to special events like weddings where there aren’t convenient indoor facilities nearby. We have two-stall portable restrooms and three-stall restroom trailers to accommodate any size gathering.

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Texas Johns’ Portable Restroom Trailer Rental Options:

Why Are Upgraded Porta Potties Important?

One of the first questions many guests or visitors may ask is “where’s the bathroom.” You’ll hear this everywhere from luxury restaurants to concerts in the park. To ensure your guests are comfortable, our comfort suite restroom trailers provide a wealth of amenities, not the least of which is that they look like real bathrooms instead of the traditional porta potty style.

With running water, electrical hookups, and the design of a traditional bathroom, our comfort suite restroom trailers are your best option when you want to provide high-quality bathrooms for your guests and local, indoor facilities aren’t available. Your guests will appreciate the large size of our restroom trailers, and they’re an easy way to improve all sorts of events like family barbecues, birthday parties, and sporting events.

An Affordable Option for Your Guests

You may be surprised at the affordability of portable restroom trailers prices. We work with each client to determine your specific needs regarding the number of porta potties your event requires, and the type of units needed.  As we plan your event, we’ll discuss the length of time you need your portable restroom facilities and the best schedule for the arrival and pickup of your portable restroom trailers.

We want you to place your confidence in us as we provide you with the best quality restroom trailers in Texas. From concerts in Dallas to construction in Frisco and weddings in Denton, we serve many communities around the state. Contact us with any questions you have, and we’d be happy to expand on why we think our porta potty trailers would be a fantastic addition to your event.


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