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3 Things To Consider Before Ordering a Temporary Fence

Temporary Fencing In Dallas-Fort Worth

Temporary fencing can come in handy during large events and construction projects. However, while the benefits of renting temporary fences may be obvious, actually considering the details behind your rental may require some thought.

You always want your fencing rental to be on budget and the correct fencing for the job. So, before you make your next temporary fencing order from a rental company, make sure that your plans are set and you have the following three questions answered amongst your team.

Why Do You Need Your Fencing?

This question is important because it ultimately determines the type of fencing or barrier you’ll need to shop for in a rental. 

Construction Sites

If you are working on a construction project, you’ll need strong temporary private fencing that keeps the surrounding environment safe while also shielding the project and expensive equipment away from prying eyes. 

Crowd Control Barriers

Large community events like block parties and concerts won’t need the strength of temporary private fencing but could benefit from fence panels and temporary barricades that are helpful with crowd control and general event security.

How Soon Do You Need Your Fence?

Sometimes event and project start dates shift and your fencing may need to come in sooner than expected. You want to make sure that the company you work with is flexible and local. 

These qualities in a fence rental company can make even the tightest deadline work and get your event squared away quickly.

How Much Fencing Needs to Be Installed?

Remember, every site is unique. So, you’ll need to have full knowledge of the area you need to be covered with your fencing rental.

Take some time to meet with your team and determine the size, length, and other essential dimensions of your event or construction site. Ensuring that your site has an accurate amount of fencing can help you save money on your rental and prevent avoidable budgetary issues.

Bonus Consideration: Who Will Install Your Fence?

Although rental products like temporary barriers may seem like an easy DIY job, the truth is that any fence rental should be installed by a professional.

You’re going to be busy enough planning the logistics of your site and the last thing you want to worry about is who will install and take down your fence.

Work with a rental company that puts customer service first and offers both setup and tear down services with all of their fence rentals. This additional service takes a lot of stress out of the situation and guarantees your fences are installed to perfection.

Make Temporary Fencing Easy With Texas Johns

If you’re in need of a temporary fence for your next event or construction project, make sure you work with the best fencing team in Texas. At Texas Johns, we specialize in providing the right fences for our clients, when they need them. Trust us to help you perfect your rental process from start to finish.

Contact us today to learn more about our fence rental services and other products that can amplify the safety and cleanliness of your event.



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