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5 Benefits of Temporary Fencing at a Construction Site

Temporary Fencing For Dallas Texas Construction Site

Texas is a state that is constantly on the rise with new construction projects sprouting up to improve its communities.

Yes, new construction means new businesses and new places for Texans to call home. But while the site is active, a barrier between the public view and the current work is necessary.

Texas Johns is a rental company that specializes in helping construction companies meet their goals through our porta-potty, temporary fencing, and roll-out dumpster rentals.

Today, let’s delve into temporary fencing and why we believe it’s so important for every Texas construction site to take advantage of this rental opportunity.

  1. Dust Control

Between initial demolition and the forming of concrete to create a building, construction sites can easily become a dust storm. Temporary private fencing forms an effective barrier between your site and the community you’re working in.

Let our temporary fencing help you prevent nearby buildings, passerby, and the general environment from excess dust that creates a multitude of problems if not controlled.

  1. Temporary Fencing Provides Site Security

It’s impossible to pack up all of your costly construction equipment at the end of every day. Unfortunately, you’ll have to leave a good amount of equipment on site until the job is completed.

Temporary fencing helps create a barrier that lets the outside know they aren’t welcome, while also sheltering your valuable assets from prying eyes and unwanted attention.

  1. Cost-Effective & Flexible

It can be expensive to construct a permanent fence around a building site. Unless the barrier is part of your project’s design, permanent fencing that you’ll have to tear down at the end of the day is a waste of valuable time and resources.

Renting temporary fencing is a cost-effective way to surround your construction project until completion while ensuring that your team has expandable space to work at all times.

Permanent fencing is immobile, but fencing rentals from Texas Johns are easy to install and allow for a flexible work environment in an industry where changes of plans can happen quickly.  

  1. Fencing Hides Your Mess

Construction projects in the middle of their progress aren’t the biggest source of curb appeal. Most people contracting these projects would prefer to have a grand unveiling of the finished work, over a visible mess until completion.

While fencing may be unable to hide all of the aspects of a construction project, it can at least disguise the ground-level mess that gives away all of a project’s “behind-the-scenes” secrets.

Ensure that your community is impressed with the final product of a project and use temporary fencing to hide the tainted curb appeal created by construction debris.

  1. Safety for the Surrounding Community

Finally, construction sites are dangerous places full of heavy machinery and materials. Construction workers are trained employees that fully understand how to safely operate heavy machinery and work in a sometimes chaotic environment.

Portable construction fencing keeps the public out of harm’s way and allows a construction project to move forward without the risk of a community member wandering into a dangerous environment.

Rent Quality Construction Fencing From Texas Johns, Today!

If you are the manager of a construction company and know that you have a big project coming up, get in touch with the fencing experts of Texas Johns and make a fencing choice that saves money and amplifies your security.

Contact us today to learn more about how we can increase the security and sanitation of your site with our supplemental portable restroom and roll-off dumpster products.



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