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4 Creative Ways to Use Temporary Fencing With Portable Restrooms


When you’re planning a big outdoor event, you want everything to run smoothly. That includes your guests’ need for bathroom facilities. But simply sticking a port-a-potty or temporary restroom along one edge of your usable space isn’t always sufficient. 

Perhaps you want to add style or creativity to its placement, or you have specific spatial needs that could make a bathroom stop more complicated than usual. Think about using temporary fencing for that extra-special touch that can make your portable restroom feel permanent.

1. Step Right Up

Dividing the users of your temporary bathrooms ahead of time gives them a head start when it counts. By giving each unit its own line, users can allocate themselves more efficiently, leading to shorter use times and a happier crowd. 

An orderly queue will help you maintain efficient use of your limited space, keeping bathrooms secure. Add some hand-washing or sanitizing stations for a convenient, fully supplied restroom visit.

2. Having a Field Day

If you’re planning family fun, try using restroom-adjacent temporary fencing to give parents a time-out area where they can take pictures, rest from the fun, and hydrate. Kids will get a thrill out of seeing their parents in “time out,” and parents will get a moment to breathe… And to use the restroom, of course, if they need it.

Also, we say why hide your temporary portable restroom when you can make it part of the fun? Add picture frames, costume pieces and even a prop table to turn that space into a photo op that combines convenience with artistry. 

A temporary fence around the perimeter will help corral your budding celebrities, keep others from wandering into the shot, and give people something to do while they wait for their children or significant other to finish up in the restroom.

3. A Stop on the Journey

When you’re telling a story with your environment, you don’t want anything to break the spell. For larger outdoor installations and experiences, try defining a pathway with your temporary fencing. You’ll likely need a rest stop somewhere along the journey, which is where the creativity comes in. 

Decorate the guide fencing along with your overall theme and beautify the whole experience: a mysterious grotto, nature bower, duck blind or outdoor living room are just some of the ideas for sprucing up your bathroom in the wild. 

4. Hold My Spot

Temporary fencing isn’t just great for directing traffic, either. Many times, you find that there’s nowhere safe to put your smaller companions while you’re answering nature’s call. Use your temp fencing to define a play space for kids, a safe place for guests’ dogs, or any other situation where you want to control the chaos and keep visibility while you address your business. 

For Fall Festivals and kid-centric celebrations, use temporary fencing to define an area for the petting zoo. Parents and siblings can step out for a quick and safe restroom break nearby. Your guests will thank you for giving them a moment of convenience that doesn’t sacrifice safety.

Don’t Get Fenced In, Get Creative With Texas Johns

Temporary fencing helps you define your space and keeps waste and activity confined to a given location, whatever your occasion. Temporary restrooms offer comfort and cleanliness in the midst of the excitement. By putting the two together in creative ways, you can integrate the space you’re using with the facilities you provide. This will create a classic environment for your exciting event, at low cost and even lower environmental impact. Reach out to Texas Johns and start planning your ideal event today.



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