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Benefits of Renting vs. Buying Temporary Fencing

Temporary Fencing for Construction

Temporary fencing is a crucial aspect of events, construction sites, and other temporary spaces that require security and crowd control. You want your guests and customers to know where they are supposed to be, where they’re supposed to go, and you want them to feel safe and well cared for. That means giving your space proper boundaries, which means temporary fencing.

Fencing even provides you with opportunities to get creative! But should you rent your temporary fencing, or buy it? Both options have attractive qualities. Let the experts at Texas Johns walk you through it.

Benefits of Temporary Fencing Rentals

At Texas Johns, we’re proud to offer rentals on a variety of restrooms, trailers, fencing, and more for your events and worksites. Here are some of the reasons we might recommend rental when it comes to temporary fencing.

Cost and Hassle Savings on Temporary Fences

Renting temporary fencing will save you money in the short term, both because you’re only paying for the duration of your rental, and because you don’t have to worry about storage or maintenance costs. We’ll take care of all that for you.

Flexibility of Temporary Fence Rentals

Renting temporary fencing lets you control how many panels and types of fencing you’ll need, and can adjust as your needs change. This can be especially helpful for events with varying attendance levels or construction projects that will require different types of fencing as the project progresses.

Professional Fence Installation by Texas Johns

Rental companies like Texas Johns company will provide professional installation services, ensuring the fencing is installed correctly and safely. Whether you need fencing for privacy, public safety, crowd control, or security, we can build you something sturdy and stable. 

Benefits of Buying Temporary Fencing

Sounds pretty great, right? But there are upsides to buying, too. Let’s look at some of them and let the experts at Texas Johns help you decide.

Get Long-Term Use

If you have a long-term need for temporary fencing, buying can be a more cost-effective solution in the long run. This can be especially true for construction projects that will require fencing for an extended period.

Customizing Your Temporary Fence

When you buy temporary fencing, you can customize it to your specific needs, such as adding company branding or specific security features. Branding your fencing means providing a seamless customer experience, and adding security features shows that you’re taking careful care of your guests and workers.

Texas Johns Is Your Temporary Fencing Rentals Partner

Ultimately, whether you choose to rent or buy temporary fencing will depend on your specific needs and budget. For short-term projects or events, renting may be the most practical solution, while buying may be more cost-effective over a longer term. 

At Texas Johns, we make it our business to bring comfort and safety to all of our customer’s events. While we typically provide portable restrooms, luxury restroom trailers, and restroom amenities, we know we can always add to the quality of our services. Texas Johns is proud to provide our clients with temporary fencing rentals that completes any event or long-term construction site.

Although a permanent fence is always something that brings peace of mind, many temporary events like concerts, festivals, and construction projects also require the element of safety but don’t necessarily need permanence involved. Trust our professional fencing team to provide temporary fencing products that meet any of our client’s crowd control, security, or privacy requirements.




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