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How Can Temporary Fencing Save Your Construction Site Money

Temporary Fencing for Construction

According to the National Association of Home Builders, the average cost to build a new single-family home has grown over 19% in the last year. 

Therefore, it is vital to protect assets at every job site regardless of their size. As a construction manager, you must protect your assets, people, and reputation while keeping insurance costs down by installing temporary fencing before work begins.

Several types of temporary fencing are available to you, and the team at Texas Johns is ready to help you secure your site. Let’s look at some of the ways our temporary fencing services can help your construction site save money throughout your project.

Protect Construction Site Assets With Temporary Fencing

Nationwide, thieves steal over $1 billion in supplies and equipment from construction sites annually.  When your site has effective fencing like mesh fencing, thieves will have a more challenging time telling what equipment is at the site and its location. Therefore, they are likely to move on to an easier target, saving you lots of stress and money.

Lower Insurance Rates

Installing temporary fencing around a job site can help lower your insurance rates. In addition to not having to report as many thefts to your insurance company, it can protect workers who may accidentally back into the street while concentrating on their work, often resulting in accidents with pedestrians or vehicles. Furthermore, pedestrians are not as apt to wander into your construction site, get hurt, and report costly personal injury claims.

Comply With Local and Federal Ordinances

Depending on the construction site’s location within the Metroplex, it may be the law that you must install a temporary fencing rental before work begins. Furthermore, the United States Department of Safety and Health Administration requires fencing around all high-voltage areas and areas where fall risks are present. 

According to OSHA’s rules, temporary fencing must have a barrier-free way to enter and exit the work area during the workday, so keep this in mind when ordering and placing your fencing.

Be a Good Neighbor

Even when it is not the law, a temporary fence makes you a good neighbor to others in the area by hiding the mess. You can even hang a sign advertising your company on the temporary fence, resulting in more work in the future. 

When ordering your fencing, consider adding green mesh netting around the perimeter to provide a more natural background while making it even harder to see what is in the work area.

Let Texas John Help With Your Temporary Fencing Needs

The amount of new construction happening in Dallas, Fort Worth, and other Metroplex cities is exciting. Many corporations are discovering that transporting their merchandise from this area is fast and easy. Therefore, they are constructing new warehouses. If you are a construction manager for one of those businesses, contact Texas John about your temporary fencing needs.

Texas John is a family-owned business with more than five decades of experience. Our temporary fencing expert will discuss our options and help you develop a cost-effective solution that protects your assets, employees, and the public. Contact us today to learn more about our fencing, dumpster rental, and portable restroom rental opportunities.



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