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Why Should You Rent Fencing for Your Next Event?


Winter is one of the peak seasons for community events. Aside from great food, entertainment, and restroom availability, you’ll need temporary fencing to ensure your community event goes off without a hitch.

From Christmas tree farms to block parties and arts festivals, temporary fencing from Texas Johns can enhance the positive vibes at any event.

Find out how!

Temporary Fencing Helps You Reduce Exterior Noise

Your event may be a great time, but not everyone in the area may want to hear the fun. When properly placed around the perimeter of an event, temporary fencing can mitigate noise pollution and keep your event in line with any local noise ordinances.

Fencing Keeps Vandals Away After-Hours

Fencing that blocks interior views usually finds its place at construction sites where prying eyes aren’t meant to see. Leaving the perimeter unfenced is only a welcome sign for vandals to destroy your portable restroom rentals, expensive equipment, and vendor booths if your event is a multi-day function.

While fencing is never guaranteed that vandalism won’t occur, combined with round-the-clock security, it can help deter troublemakers from your property.

Temporary Fences Enhance Guest and Employee Safety

Temporary fencing is a common sight at outdoor events, and for good reason. Fences help to create a physical boundary that clearly indicates the event perimeter. This is important for guests and employees, as it helps ensure that everyone stays safe and within the designated area. 

Additionally, temporary fences can help control foot traffic flow and reduce congestion. By directing guests to specific entry and exit points, temporary fencing can help to keep things moving smoothly and prevent bottlenecks from forming. 

In an emergency, temporary fences can help create a safe zone that can be easily accessed by first responders. Ultimately, temporary fencing is an important part of event safety and can play a vital role in crowd control and ensuring everyone has a good time.

Enhanced Event Privacy

Many events have VIP areas or off-limits sections where entertainers can unwind or store their instruments and personal belongings. If your event plans to have separate sections from the crowds, you’ll want to ensure these sections are properly secured and separate from public access. Temporary fencing and barricades make this an easy possibility.

Financial Loss Prevention

In many cases, public events require some form of payment for entry. While most people understand this is just the way of event planning, some will still try to sneak past the gates and get into your event on a free ride.

Not only does this hurt your bottom line, but it also prevents proper security screenings of these “guests.” 

Mesh fencing from Texas Johns helps mitigate illegal scaling and keeps your event safer and financially sound.

Need Temporary Fencing for Your Winter Event? Texas Johns can Help!

If you know that your next event will be a big one, make sure that you have fencing in your planning checklist. At Texas johns, we provide temporary fencing to events across the Lone Star State. 

Our fencing products include temporary barricades, fence panels, and temporary privacy mesh fencing. No matter how much fence you need, trust Texas Johns to help keep your event surrounded by our quality products.

Contact us today to learn more about our fencing availability in your area and set up your next rental. 



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