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4 Placement Tips for Construction Site Porta-Potties

Porta Potty At Construction Site In Dallas Texas

Location, location, location. That’s not just a phrase for real estate; it is the perfect phrase for placement of your construction site porta-potties. The perfect porta-potty placement is important to the usefulness and cleanliness of your potties.

Ample sanitation facilities are vital to the success and efficiency of your labor force. All aspects of sanitation must be considered including porta-potties, restroom trailers, hand washing stations, hand sanitizing stations, dumpsters, holding tanks, and temporary fencing all lend to the cleanliness of the job site.

Plan Dimensions and Porta-Potty Needs

First, know the dimensions and number of the porta-potties you plan to rent. Calculate the total area needed. OSHA’s standards state that a construction site must have one portable restroom for every ten employees based on a 40-hour workweek.

If you plan to have a portable sink, temporary fence panels, or trailer-mounted restrooms, be sure to include enough total space for all of it.

Consider Level Areas of Your Site

Next, you want to find a level area for placement. A flat surface help to establish stability. You want to avoid tip-overs, which are a mess and a health hazard. Consider staking your units to the ground or using ratchet straps to secure them if on the pavement.

It is important to remember all weather conditions as well. You really do not want a muddy mess inside or around the potties. If there is available pavement or asphalt, that is best.

Make Your Units Easily Accessible

You will want the units in an easily accessed area, but away from foot traffic, delivery traffic or heavy equipment. If you are renting multiple potties, it is best to place them together as a unit for easier access. Utilize any available structures, underneath or against a permanent structure will be helpful.

When considering your placement, remember that porta-potties must be reachable for cleaning and maintenance service trucks.

Make Safety and Compliance a Priority

Consider safety. As odd as it may seem, pranksters may tip over, vandalize, or even destroy a porta-potty. Possibly placing the potties behind a fenced-in area will be helpful.

Make yourself aware of any laws or regulations in the locality you will be working to ensure that placement of the porta-potties meets all regulations. This is especially important if you are setting up on public property. They cannot block fire hydrants or other emergency equipment or hinder emergency vehicle passage.

If any of your porta-potties will be wheelchair accessible, be sure to place that potty where there isn’t any mud or any slope to impede the wheelchair user.

Keep Your Construction Site Cleaner, With Texas Johns

If your construction site is in need of portable restrooms or other sanitation equipment, Texas Johns will provide all products you need and even help you decide the best placement of your portable restrooms. We take considerable pride in our services and our products.

Texas Johns serves Dallas from downtown to Sherman, TX. We are a family-owned business, and we work hard to maintain a high standard of cleanliness with our porta-potties and other products.

Contact us today to learn more about our services and get your rental scheduled.



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