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How to Keep Your Portable Restrooms Clean for Multi-Day Events

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A multi-day event can be a challenge for any host. Weather, crowds, and venue location can prove to be challenges for keeping up with maintenance. The cleanliness of the outdoor bathrooms is important to the event’s success and reputation. There are unique sanitation and hygiene challenges when renting bathroom facilities for a multi-day event. There are a few things that can be done to guarantee success with your porta-potty rentals.

Portable restroom maintenance cleanliness is simple if done efficiently. Here are some tips from Texas’s most trusted portable restroom rental company.

Thoughtful Placement

Be sure to place the porta-potties strategically throughout the venue space. Potties should be easy to find and use for patrons. Avoid placing them in full sun during the summer to keep the odors at a minimum. If possible, place it on a solid surface for stability. Avoid muddy areas. Place handicap accessible potties in level areas.

Order Enough Portable Restrooms

Scrimping on the number of available restrooms is a recipe for disaster. Texas Johns can help you calculate the number needed based on expected attendance, length of event and area serviced. Always include handicap-accessible bathrooms in your calculations. You can order additional cleaning and servicing for the busier days if needed.

Hygiene Supplies

There are several accessories you can rent or purchase to help keep the porta-potties clean. Hand washing stations encourage attendees to clean up after themselves. Hand sanitizer, air deodorizers, cleaning tablets, disinfecting wipes, and hygiene supplies encourage cleanliness. A good stock of paper towels and toilet paper is necessary.

Bathroom Attendants

Having people assigned to check and clean bathrooms will ensure a cleaner environment. Attendants who stay around the facilities will help attendees feel confident when using the portable bathrooms. Potties will stay well-stocked and maintained.

Provide Baby Changing Stations

Providing parents with a clean place to take their babies and toddlers for diaper changes is essential to keeping patrons comfortable at your event. This will ensure proper disposal of diapers as well.

Let Your Porta-Potties Air Out

Keeping a porta-potty closed when not in use is not a good idea. Leaving the door open for a short time, will allow a potty to air out. This will make it a more comfortable experience for the next user.

Keep Touch Points Clean

Door handles, sanitizer dispensers, toilet seats, and toilet paper holders are the most touched spots in a porta-potty. Frequent cleaning of these areas with a powerful cleaning solution will help to keep the frequently touched points cleaner for the patrons of the event.

Keep Your Restrooms Cleaner the Easy Way, With Texas Johns

Maintaining portable restrooms for multi-day events is a tough task at times. But, following these tips with consistency, using quality cleaning and deodorizing products and proper placement will ensure your guests have access to comfortable and clean porta-potties. Texas Johns can help you create the perfect event venue by meeting all your porta-potty needs.

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