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How to Get your Porta-Potty Ready for Bad Weather

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Rain, wind, heat, mud, or snow can each have an impact on the portable toilets at your outdoor event. Bad weather can cause major problems. A plan for placement and preparation is important in securing the porta-potties at your outdoor event. Failure to do so can mean failure of the event.

Portable restroom rentals in Texas can face any type of weather. Wind and storms, mud, and intense heat are the most common weather issues in Texas. Cold and freezing temperatures can also be an issue in the winter months. Each weather dilemma has its own problems and solutions.


If possible, try to avoid placing a portable restroom on grass or dirt because these will not hold up to heavy rain. Mud is a fall danger to all patrons as well as causing a muddy mess inside of the porta-potty. Mud also will make it difficult for the potty provider to clean or retrieve their units.

All types of precipitation can leak into your porta-potty if it is not properly covered. If possible, providing shelter for the porta-potties is helpful, even the coverage is trees.


Heavy winds are a big deal to porta-potties. Wind causes a risk of potties tipping over, which is a mess no one wants to deal with. The portable toilets must be properly secured to the ground with framing or staking.


Heat is often an issue because more outdoor events and construction are done during the warmer months. Where there is heat, the concern is odor.

Heat accelerates the decomposition of organic material, therefore the waste smells worse in the warm weather. The decomposing materials can also attract flies or other insects.

Proper ventilation, placement in a sheltered or shady location, lower tank levels, using effective deodorizer, and frequent cleaning will all be helpful practices in warmer temperatures.


Placement of your porta-potty rental is important in keeping it as mud-free as possible. Placing units on a solid surface versus in the grass or on dirt is very helpful. If on a construction site where there is only dirt, try to place the port-potties on an elevated but level surface.

This will help to keep the potty from sitting in mud or puddles. Remember that your porta-potty will need to be cleaned, so pick a spot that will be accessible for the service vehicles.

Snow/Freezing Temperatures

Freezing is sometimes a dilemma with portable toilets during colder months. Ice can build up. Holding tanks may freeze or crack.

Snow can collect on top or in front of the potties. The potties could leak.

Use of sodium or methanol-based solutions, heaters, unit skirts, or covers are all viable options to prevent or hold off freezing. Mats used inside can help prevent patrons from slipping.

Keep porta-potties in well-lit areas because the daylight hours are shorter during the winter months.

Lastly, if there is snow or ice, create a safe path to and into the porta-potties.

Plan Out Your Porta-Potty Rental Today, with Texas Johns

Any event or worksite that requires the use of porta-potties must consider the weather when planning placement and use of the potties. Extreme weather conditions can affect the success of the event. Having a well thought out plan will enable the portable restroom rental company to service your site properly, with proper placement and maintenance.

Keeping your portable potties secured is important. Texas Johns will help you make these decisions for your event or construction site. Texas Johns will help you ensure your porta-potty planning is done with all weather conditions in mind.

Contact us today to learn more about our unit availability in your area.



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