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Top Reasons to Select Flushable Portable Restrooms for an Event

Flushable Portable Restrooms In Dallas

At Texas Johns we like to promote that a portable restroom experience can be comfortable, clean, and as normal as using a property’s on-site facilities. 

We understand that due to unreliable porta-potty companies and mischievous users, our industry has built up quite a reputation against what we stand for. That’s why we strive to offer portable restroom units that exceed expectations and keep anyone that uses them cleaner.

We’ve talked a lot about the cleanliness of our portable restroom trailers, but not every event’s budget calls for that luxury of a rental. Fortunately, we offer an elite flushable portable toilet that is both economic and efficient

If you are on the fence between renting a standard porta-potty and spending a little more for a flushable unit, here are 5 reasons why we would always invest in a flushable option. 

Eliminates Visible Waste

Despite the strength of the “blue stuff” we use in our standard porta-potties, there’s no getting around what lies beneath the surface of the liquid when you get up to leave the restroom.

Accidental peeks behind the curtain should never be something that your guests face after using a porta-potty. Flushable units eliminate the openness of a standard unit and allow guests to flush waste away without catching a glimpse of anything they shouldn’t have to see.

Flushing Toilets Create a Better Smelling Portable Restroom

Our flushable toilets not only come with strong deodorizers that keep them smelling fresh, but their functions help prevent unwanted odors. Once a person’s business is complete, they can flush it down into our unit’s large waste tanks. 

Once the waste is in the tank, it’s no longer part of the environment that guests interact with, so there is a drastic reduction in foul smells in these particular units.

Flushable Porta-Potties Conserve Water

One of the biggest perks of any portable restroom rental is the environmental-friendliness of the units themselves.

Flushing porta-potties use a combination of water and vacuums to create the flushing sensation of our units. This means that less water is used per flush. So, while users experience the comfort of a flushing portable restroom, they are also contributing to the 45 million gallons of water per year that portable toilets save for the environment.

They Promote Greater Hygiene

Personal hygiene is one of the most important habits that our portable toilets can promote. We stand by the fact that our elite flushable units bring the greatest element of hygiene to any porta-potty experience outside of our luxury restroom trailers.

Aside from the general cleanliness and comfort that our units and maintenance teams promote, our flushable toilets come with the following features:

  • Foot-operated flushable toilets
  • Larger unit space for increased ease of movement
  • Foot-operated interior hand-washing sink
  • Fresh water and available hygienic amenities for all guests

Secure the Right Amount of Flushable Toilets for Your Next Event With Texas Johns

If you want to upgrade your portable restroom rental without breaking your event’s budget, let the sanitation experts of Texas Johns help! We can provide you with the cleanest portable toilet options that leave your guests feeling comfortable about using the facilities at your site.

From the number of restrooms required to installation and maintenance, Texas Johns has your back. Reach out to us today to learn more about our unit availability in your area.



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