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How Texas Johns Keeps Your Construction Site’s Porta-Potties Clean

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Per OSHA standards, every construction site is required to have available toilets for their employees to use. In most construction situations, this means that a company will rent out a number of porta-potties for the duration of the construction project.

At Texas Johns, we understand that your project comes first and that you shouldn’t have to worry about the cleanliness and maintenance of your portable restroom rentals. That’s why we make it our duty to provide maintenance services for our clients that ensure a pleasant experience for everyone who enters one of our facilities.

Here’s a look at some of the reasons why so many construction sites trust Texas Johns with their restroom needs.

Your Portable Restrooms Should Be Cleaned at Least Once a Week

No matter how often it’s used or how many people go in and out of a porta-potty, it must be cleaned out at least once a week. We set our maintenance schedule based on this need in order to ensure that no foul odors emit from our units or that no amenities are left unfulfilled.

Although we automatically come through and clean out your construction site’s portable restrooms, should an emergency arise, and you need us for unscheduled maintenance, the technicians at Texas Johns are only a quick phone call away.

We Effectively Evacuate Your Waste

The removal of your holding tank’s waste is one of the most important parts of our maintenance job. Our maintenance crew uses state-of-the-art equipment to clear out your holding tank until it is dry and void of any waste.

Your holding tank’s waste is stored in our secure sanitation trucks. From there it is taken off-site to be treated at the nearest sanitation facility.

Your Toilet is Charged for Freshness

After we’ve cleared out your tank, we charge it with a healthy filling of blue additives. Not only does our formula keep your restroom sanitary and smelling fresher, but it can also be helpful with preventing unscheduled cleanings.

The environmentally-friendly materials in our blue additive, have the ability to break down toilet paper and the microbes that are found in human waste. This helps ensure that your restroom stays fresh until the next scheduled maintenance.

Cleaned out Interior

Portable restrooms have a reputation for being areas where germs tend to thrive. At Texas Johns, we like to buck the myths about our industry and make moves to decrease the number of germs present in between cleanings.

Our technicians thoroughly clean and disinfect the walls of your portable restroom, and all major contact surfaces (i.e. toilet seat, door handles, toilet paper covers).

We Restock Your Amenities

Two of our most popular added amenities are our hand sanitizing stations and our portable handwashing stations. During our scheduled maintenance, we make sure to check these pieces of equipment and refill them appropriately.

We will also take the time to refill all portable restroom soap dispensers, toilet paper supplies, and paper towels. Amenities are important to add to the cleanliness of a portable restroom experience. So, let us help you ensure more comfortable portable restroom space for the duration of your construction project.

Preserve the Cleanliness of Your Construction Site with Texas Johns

If you are the manager of a construction company that needs a reliable, sanitary portable restroom rental partner, Texas Johns is ready to meet you. We are the Lone Star State’s most trusted porta-potty restroom providers and will be able to help you meet your construction site’s sanitation requirements. 

Contact us today to learn more about our various units and current rental availability.



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