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What Should You Do if Your Porta-Potty Gets Tipped?

A flipped porta potty

Whether you had your porta-potty rental placed in an unfortunate spot or mischievous teenagers thought it might be fun to tip over your rental, a fallen portable restroom can be a nightmare for any rental client.

Fortunately, Texas Johns has a plan for our customers who suffer this unfortunate fate. Here are our tips for what you can do in this situation as our team makes our way out to your site for an efficient clean-up.

Call Your Porta-Potty Rental Company

Before taking any further action in the situation, the first thing you’ll have to do is call your rental company and inform them of the incident. What seems like a nightmare to you is a common happening for them, and they will have efficient protocols in place. 

Your rental company can assist with cleanup, unit replacement, and unit repairs. As long as you’ve invested in rental insurance, a replaced or repaired unit isn’t going to cost you any extra money.

Leave the Porta-Potty Where it Is

Portable restrooms are full of waste that poses a health hazard when direct contact is involved. So, while you may be tempted to gather your friends and stand up the porta-potty on your own, this is a job that is best left to the professionals.

Mark the Affected Area

As we mentioned, a porta-potty is typically full of sewage that could cause disease. Unfortunately, when a tipping incident occurs, the mess can easily spread beyond the doors of your fallen unit.

While you wait for your rental team to clear out the mess, make sure to clearly mark off the area that your guests should avoid until further notice.

Disinfect the Area Where Possible

Although your porta-potty rental company will have its own cleaning products and procedures for the bulk of the job, it can help to disinfect the area if you can. Whether you hose down the exposed inside of your unit or spread a biological cleaner around the area, even efforts made from a safe distance can go a long way towards protecting the property where the incident took place.

How Can You Prevent Portable Restrooms from Tipping Over?

The best thing you could do to prevent portable restrooms from tipping is to set them up in a location that is on even ground (preferably asphalt), is shielded from heavy winds, and is far enough away from the crowd to prevent accidental bumps and mishandling.

It could also be beneficial to add some temporary fencing around your restroom area that closes off your porta-potties when they aren’t in use. For added physical security during your event we recommend hired event security personnel to keep any vandals or troublemakers away.

Ensure Proper Porta-Potty Placement with Texas Johns

The Texas Johns team is committed to making every rental experience a great one. In our eyes, excellence starts with proper placement. Trust us to help you evaluate your event’s potential restroom space for safe placement and schedule temporary fencing for the duration of your event. 

Contact us today to learn more about our services and unit availability in your area.



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