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How Texas Johns Helps You Get Over Paruresis

Paruresis is the phobia of using public restrooms to relieve yourself. This is a very real phobia that goes hand-in-hand with people not wanting to use a portable restroom out of fear that they are dirty or unsafe.

At Texas Johns, while we empathize with people who live with paruresis, we are also here to say that our practices can help you overcome your phobia; at least at events where we help out. 

We Keep Our Porta-Potties Clean

One of the biggest stigmas that surround our industry is that portable restrooms are unsanitary and generally filthy.

Sure, an ill-maintained porta-potty can easily become just that, but at Texas Johns, we schedule regular cleanings that guarantee your porta-potty rental stays clean the entire time it’s in your possession. Going to the restroom should never have to be a nightmare. So trust Texas Johns to keep your rental looking and smelling fresh for your guests.

Our technicians will come out to your location off of our schedule to perform any emergency maintenance that arises. 

We Set Up Your Portable Restrooms for Safety

One of the biggest aspects of this phobia when it comes to portable restrooms is the fear of getting the restroom “tipped,” or having it fall over. 

During the planning of your event, our technicians will map out the safest locations for portable restroom placement. We guarantee a flat, sturdy placement that is close enough to the event to be found, but far enough away for a little privacy. 

We Guarantee You can Get Clean Afterwards

The best part about renting portable restrooms with Texas Johns is that we always provide our clients with the option of helping to keep their guests cleaner. Aside from porta-potty rentals and luxury trailers, Texas Johns also offers our customers hand washing stations, portable sinks, and hand-sanitizing stations.

Although we will keep your actual restrooms stocked with soap, paper towels and other sanitizing amenities, we believe that it’s always better to go the extra mile for cleanliness at any public event.

We Help You Keep the Environment Sanitary

If you really need to use the restroom at a public event where regular restrooms are unavailable, please, use a porta-potty. Even if the thought of it brings up bad thoughts, using a portable restroom is a much cleaner alternative to finding a secluded spot outdoors.

Portable restrooms are an environmentally friendly and clean alternative to exposing a community to bodily waste. Help us keep your environment clean by trusting our sanitary practices.

Let Your Guests Use the Restroom Comfortably With Texas Johns

If you plan on hosting a large gathering this year, make sure that your guests have a comfortable place to use the restroom. At Texas Johns, we are proud to offer an assortment of portable restrooms and amenities that can meet all of your hygienic needs.

Contact us today to learn more about our luxury trailer rentals, temporary fencing options, portable hand washing stations, and more. The Texas John’s team is always ready to make any event a little easier.



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