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Easily Avoidable Mistakes When Renting Porta Potties

Porta Potty Mistakes - Long Lines

Now that Texas is back opened and many are beginning to get their COVID-19 vaccinations, we can expect to see an increase in larger outdoor events this spring and summer.

From weddings to block parties, your guests are going to need a place to use the restroom at whatever outdoor gathering you host. We know that it’s probably been a while since you’ve played host to a large event.

So, when it comes to renting your porta potties, make sure that you avoid these rental mistakes and keep your guests as safe and comfortable as possible.

Underestimating How Many Portable Restrooms You’ll Need

If there is a long line to your restroom area, then it means two things:

  1. You didn’t rent enough porta-potties
  2. Your guests are probably feeling pretty uncomfortable

Especially as one of the first to host a larger event for outdoor guests, you want to make sure you have enough restroom facilities available to keep people satisfied.

One tip for estimating the right amount of portable restrooms is renting two porta-potties per 100 guests at your event. So, before you even start planning out a contract with Texas Johns, get a headcount that is as accurate as possible.

Making Your Restrooms Hard to Find

As a guest, the last thing you want to do is hunt down a restroom that is out of sight and hidden behind tents or buildings. The location of your restroom matters because you want them close enough for accessibility, but far enough from the rest of the event for cleanliness.

Sometimes, putting your restrooms in the right place can be a difficult decision; especially with other plans for the event on your mind. Fortunately, our technicians can help you find the most suitable location for your portable restrooms, and ensure that your guests can easily access facilities wherever they are at your function.

Underdressing for an Event

Sometimes a porta-potty is just a little “underdressed” for an important event like a wedding reception. If you know that your event requires your guests to glam it up a bit, make some extra effort to improve the quality of your portable restrooms.

At Texas Johns, we offer a variety of restroom options, one of which is our luxury ten station restroom trailer. If you are hosting a large, upscale event, our restroom trailer is the perfect way to keep guests comfortable.

The features we’ve put into our trailers to make them the best portable restroom experience in the Metroplex include:

  • Men’s and Women’s areas of the unit
  • Private stalls
  • Twin basin vanities
  • Electricity
  • Air-conditioning and heating

Forgetting to Add Extra Sanitization Measures

Portable restrooms are useful, but without sanitization amenities, they aren’t enough to keep your guests feeling clean. Don’t forget to include and stock up on soap, toilet paper, and hand-sanitizer inside of your restrooms.

Also, it is also beneficial to take advantage of other rental opportunities like hand washing stations that can be placed near the restrooms. This extra amenity ensures that your guests stay clean and helps mitigate the spread of germs throughout the rest of your event.

Never Miss a Planning Beat with Texas Johns

If you’re ready to start planning your next outdoor event, Texas Johns is eager to help you ensure that it’s a success. We can also help your event with fencing and dumpster rentals if you know that standard trash cans won’t do the trick. Contact us today to learn more about our services.

Our team of sanitation experts has the experience and tools to properly populate your event with the right restroom resources as well as the right amount of portable restrooms.



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