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Top Features to Consider From a Luxury Portable Restroom Rental

Luxury Women's Restroom

Spring and summer are popular seasons for people to host large gatherings like weddings, business picnics, and family reunions. While the standard porta potty could be a useful restroom substitute at an outdoor event, some people may want their gathering to have an extra bit of flair to them.

For those who want their outdoor event to have a taste of luxury involved, restroom trailers are an excellent and affordable option for any upscale gathering.

Multiple Stalls

You want your portable restroom to provide as easy access as possible to your guests. If you are hosting a larger event where you know that you’ll have several people using the restroom at once, definitely explore a trailer rental with multiple stalls. 

At Texas Johns, we have luxury trailer restroom facilities that can accommodate as little as two stalls and others that offer ten restroom stations in one trailer. 

Whatever size event you’re hosting, we promise that there is a trailer option that fits your budget and will keep your guests satisfied with your on-site facilities.


One of the biggest complaints about portable restrooms is their lack of electricity. Using a standard unit at night can be an uncomfortable experience. 

Since most events usually go into the evening and after sundown, you’ll want your guests to be able to easily navigate your restroom area. 

Portable restroom trailers from Texas Johns are the perfect option because they come with the electricity and lighting that allows guests to use the restroom without having to wonder what lurks in the dark.


The weather in Texas can be unpredictable and the summers can be a real scorcher. Although portable restrooms are ventilated, they can still become a humid mess if the weather becomes hot enough. 

Comfort is key to any restroom experience. So, if you know that you’ll be hosting an event this summer, restroom trailer rentals from Texas Johns provide the air-conditioning you need to keep your guests cool on the go.

Functioning Sinks

Cleanliness is paramount these days. While you may already have hand-sanitizing stations or portable sinks around your event, it also helps to rent a portable restroom that has a functioning sink.

After all, germs spread quickly. Without a sink, guests are forced to handle door knobs, rails, and more until they reach an area where they can properly sanitize their hands.

Luxury trailers with Texas Johns make sanitization easy, as we offer functioning sinks with every unit; ensuring that every guest has the opportunity to stay clean after a bathroom break.

Can You Get Luxurious without a Trailer?

Not every party needs a luxury trailer, but that doesn’t mean that Texas Johns can’t offer amenities that make the regular porta-potty experience seem a little “extra.”

Not only do we have standard units available to rent, but we also offer our clients the option of elite flushable units with sinks

Also, if you need a sanitation option that will service more guests at once, we invite you to look into renting our hand wash stations that provide an additional layer of cleanliness to the Texas Johns experience.

Meet Your Event’s Sanitation Needs with Texas Johns

If you plan on reopening your social life this spring but want to keep your event as safe and clean as possible, the team at Texas Johns is always available to help. Whether you need a luxury restroom trailer or a standard porta-potty, we have solutions that will keep your guests comfortable when the urge for privacy arises.

Contact us today to learn more about our available units and other rental opportunities. We’re eager to help you elevate the cleanliness of your event.



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