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What is That Blue Chemical in Your Porta Potty Rental?

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Let’s be honest, everyone who has ever used a porta potty at a public event has wondered what exactly that blue stuff is at the bottom of the tank. Is it toxic? Does it stain as bad as it looks like it does?

Wonder no more, since the team at Texas Johns is ready to unveil industry secrets to put your mind at ease!

Here is everything you need to know about the blue chemical we use in our portable restroom rentals and why you should be happy we use it!

How Does the Blue Chemical Improve the Porta Potty Experience?

For all of the mystery that lies behind the veil of the blue chemical, its purpose is actually very straightforward. It’s put in your porta potty tank to make the restroom smell fresher for an extended period of time. 

The average breakdown of the chemicals in the blue liquid (which we’ll get into later) takes between 4 and 7 days. That’s 4 to 7 days of a cleaner smelling portable restroom until the inevitable weekly servicing occurs.

Porta Potty Deodorizers Weren’t Always Friendly Substances

Keep in mind, that while the modern deodorizer isn’t considered a toxic substance on its own, the history behind this product isn’t exactly the cleanest. Portable restrooms became the norm during World War II on service ships.

From day one, the goal was to have the restroom smelling as clean as possible. During those times, however, the main ingredient in the deodorant was formaldehyde. While this form of the deodorant did successfully mask the scent of waste, it was ultimately harmful to both humans and the surrounding environments.

What is in the Modern Deodorizer?

Modern deodorizers have forgone the formaldehyde ingredient and contain four key ingredients that aren’t toxic in their diluted forms.


This is the component that makes the blue liquid blue! Why that color, though? Well, the shade of dye used in the blue deodorizer is used to mask as much of the portable restroom’s contents as possible.


Biocides are the ingredient that really help get the stench of waste out of a well-maintained portable restroom. Essentially, biocides prevent the rapid growth of bacteria found in waste, and diminish the unpleasant odors that could plague the unit.


Surfactants are a product that work hand-in-hand with the fragrance used in the chemical. These agents allow the fragrance to do its magic while still mixed in with the water found in a porta potty tank.


The fragrance is the aspect of the liquid that ultimately masks any residual odors that could linger after the rest of the products have done their job. This fragrance keeps a restroom smelling clean and allows for a more comfortable porta potty experience.

Should Renters Worry About Stains?

Fortunately, if the deodorizer finds its way onto a person’s skin or clothing it’s not going to result in permanent damage. It can easily be washed off and laundered from clothing and skin.

Although the dye is labeled non-staining, it will leave residual stains on concrete surfaces if a spill is not cleaned up quickly.

Keep Your Portable Restroom Rental Cleaner with Texas Johns

If you want your portable restrooms to stay fresh, clean and environmentally friendly throughout your next event, Texas Johns is ready to provide our services. 

We put cleanliness and customer satisfaction first and will ensure that your guest’s portable restroom experience is one that doesn’t stain your event. Contact us today to schedule your next portable restroom rental.



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