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5 Easy Ways to Keep Your Portable Restroom Rental Fresh at Large Events


Renting a portable restroom and keeping it clean during a single day event like a wedding isn’t a difficult task. However, once rentals move into large event territory like multi-day music festivals, street fairs, or marathons, keeping your porta potty rentals feeling fresh can seem like an insurmountable task.

The team at Texas Johns is here to say, “don’t sweat it!” We’ve got your next big event covered with these five easy tips that can help you keep your restrooms clean for your guests.

Make Sure You Have Enough Units

Planning out enough restroom rentals for a large event is crucial to keeping them cleaner, longer. No guest wants to experience an overused portable restroom, and unfortunately, due to poor planning, this is a common occurrence.

It’s recommended that hosts order one restroom per every 100 guests at an event. So if you’re planning a large one, keep track of how many people could attend at maximum capacity and order restrooms from that number.

Routinely Air Portable Toilets Out

If you keep your porta potties closed all day, they will eventually build up an overwhelming stench from public use. As your event goes on, every half hour, mark one of your restrooms as “out of service,” and leave the door open for it to air out. You’d be surprised at how much good a little circulation can do for your unit’s fresh factor.

Invest in Enough Sanitation Products

Avoid awkward stains and smells by ensuring that your unit is well stocked with sanitation supplies. Your rental provider will be able to help you acquire enough products to keep your guests feeling fresh.

Being prepared means you’ll have enough:

  • Toilet paper
  • Hand soap
  • Sanitizer
  • Cleaning tablets
  • Air fresheners

Order Extra Services

If you know your event is going to be a mass gathering that lasts for days, invest in additional services from your rental company. We’ll gladly send out one of our technicians to pump your restrooms, clean their surfaces and re-fill your tanks.

Adding extra services is an additional cost, but one well worth the investment.

Spot Check for Cleanliness

Every so often have yourself or one of your team members take a walk down the porta-potty aisle. Be on the lookout for vandalized units or units that need a good wipe-down on surface areas.

Periodical cleanliness checks throughout the day mean less work for you at the end of your event and also helps mitigate any risks that could occur if you haven’t invested in rental insurance.

Kick Off Your Next Event Right with Texas Johns

If you’re planning any gathering that requires extra restrooms for maximum comfort, Texas Johns has you covered. Our portable restroom units come in standard, deluxe, and even luxury models and can fit in at any event. Get in touch with us today to learn about our product availability in your area.




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