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Keeping Your Portable Restrooms Safe Amidst Coronavirus

With the current surge of coronavirus carriers in the United States, there’s never been a more important time to ensure that your porta potty rental is consistently sanitized for your guests. While many people may be avoiding events and crowds, here are some extra steps you can take as a host that rewards those who attend your public event.

Provide Hand Washing Stations at Your Event

Although sometimes poor maintenance is the result of a foul stench coming from the portable restroom, the actual bacteria found in the porta-potty is less than what you come in contact daily with your hands. From your cell phone to doorknobs, your hands are a cesspool for bacteria.

This means that without proper handwashing measures taken at an event, your guests are at risk for any type of illness. Fortunately, at Texas Johns, our units can come with a handwashing station that houses all of the essentials your guests will need to keep their hands clean.

Remember, 20-second hand washing is the key to keeping the latest viruses away!

Ensure Your Restroom is Properly Serviced

Servicing your portable restrooms is the key to keeping them sanitized for your guests. That’s why this type of maintenance is one of the key services Texas Johns provides to all of our customers!

We understand that there’s a stigma around the cleanliness of portable restrooms, and with “coronavirus” and “flu season” on the tips of everyone’s tongues, we’re prepared to put maintenance services into overdrive for you!

When you schedule our maintenance team to service your units, you’re guaranteed:

  • We will evacuate the accumulated waste in your unit
  • We will charge it with fresh additive
  • We will scrub the restroom inside-out

Load Up On Extra Supplies

The last thing your guests will want to worry about is running out of supplies like toilet paper, soap, and paper towels. All of these supplies help keep your porta potty and the people who use them clean! So, be prepared with a stock of supplies that ensures no one will be left unclean.

Aside from just having these supplies on-hand, hire a member of your team to periodically patrol the vacant units and restock where necessary.

Fight Back Against Disease With the Help of Texas Johns

If you are going to host an event in the coming months, invest your rental budget in a team that takes the sanitation of its products seriously! At Texas Johns, we ensure that each of our rental units is in pristine condition before it touches the ground at your event. We also have the rental options you need that will help your guests stay sanitary throughout your function. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our available units in your area.



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