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Top Questions Answered About Portable Restrooms for 2021 Rentals

Portable restrooms rentals offer the convenience of toilets where there may be no accessible facilities. They’re a common feature of construction sites, as well as at events like organized races, music concerts, and festivals.

If you’ve never rented a porta-potty before, you might have questions about renting one this year. Here are some common questions and answers we get about our portable restroom rentals.

Will a porta-potty freeze over the winter?

Liquid has the potential to freeze when conditions are cold enough, but porta potty rental services usually avoid freezing problems by winterizing toilets or replacing them at an increased frequency. Your portable restroom rental service can help you figure out the best schedule for toilet servicing in freezing weather.

Usually, a porta potty will fare just fine with a few days of freezing temperatures, but an extended number of freezing days or nights might require some extra attention. There are mixes that your portable restroom vendor can add to the toilet during its regular servicing that can help the toilet remain unfrozen even in below-zero temperatures.

What are the best tips for porta potty placement?

The key to placing porta potties is having them in a place that’s convenient for users but not too close to certain activities. You’ll also want to make sure your portable toilets are placed on even ground, so you don’t experience any tip-overs. An experienced porta potty vendor can help make sure your potties are placed on even ground.

One facet of porta potty placement that’s vital to remember is accessibility. Don’t place your potties where lines may block the flow of traffic or where individuals with mobility issues might find it difficult to access the toilets. After your portable restrooms are delivered, it may help to stake down the potties or place them in a row to help them remain upright.

Do you just provide portable restrooms?

Our porta-potty rentals are a popular service at Texas Johns, but they’re not the only rentals we offer. Not only do we offer porta potty rentals for different venues (like special events or construction sites), but we also offer portable fencing and luxury options like portable restroom trailers.

You can augment the experience of your guests or employees by including portable hand washing stations and hand sanitizer stations, as well as include handicap portable toilet units with your delivery.

The professionals at Texas Johns also handle septic tank pumping services, which is something that you should arrange at least every five years if you own a septic tank.

Will my portable restroom stay clean?

A portable restroom will stay clean because it is maintained like a traditional bathroom in a brick-and-mortar establishment. In many circumstances, portable toilets are rented for days or weeks, and it’s expected that they may experience heavy use. Regular servicing of the units from your porta potty company will ensure that the restroom remains fresh.

One of the discussions that you’ll have with the customer service team at Texas Johns will concern the number of people you expect to use the bathrooms. An accurate estimate of the number of people you expect to use your potties will help us arrange the best schedule to keep your units clean for the duration of your contract.

Let us Solve Your Portable Toilet Needs!

At Texas Johns, LLC, our goal is complete customer satisfaction, and we aim to please with our various porta potty services. We are locally owned-and-operated, fully insured, and licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality and the Denton County Health Department.

Texas John’s, LLC offers excellent service at competitive prices. For all of your porta potty and portable toilet rental service needs, contact us today.



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