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Winter Tips for Your Porta Potty Rentals

Winter events may be socially distant this year. But even if the crowds are smaller, people will still need to use the restroom on your premises.

Dallas winters can be cold, and if your event doesn’t have restroom availability, you’ll need to rent portable restrooms and ensure they remain comfortable for your guests.

If you plan on renting some porta potty units this winter, follow our go-to tips for keeping your portable restrooms warm during the cooler Dallas weather.

Include a Portable Heater in Your Portable Restroom

Sometimes the cold may just be a little too much to avoid and as a host, you’ll have to find a way to provide some extra warmth for your guests.

Although it requires some extra investment, we guarantee that a small, portable heater will help keep the temperature toasty inside your porta potty unit. The best part about affordable portable heaters is that some of them don’t even require an outlet and won’t require an intruding extension cord for functionality. 

In order to ensure that your portable heater works properly throughout your event, we recommend turning it off for a bit after the restroom has reached an optimal temperature.

Install it in the Sun

The sun can even shine on the coldest days of the year. If you know your outdoor event will be held in cold temperatures, simply ask your Texas John technician about the best area to install your portable restroom.

We can place your portable restrooms in the sunniest location at your event and help keep your units naturally warmer when guests have the urge to use your facilities.

Make Your Restrooms Accessible in Any Weather

Mud and clumps of wet grass can create a mess and slip hazards within your rental units. In order to avoid excess maintenance and minimize event liabilities, it’s best to place your restrooms in an accessible location away from moist lawns that can dirty up the appearance of your units.

Our suggestion is to make your restrooms easily accessible by placing them on concrete surfaces, in parking lots, or even in a nearby garage or warehouse. This allows you to not only preserve the integrity of your restroom but also provides you an opportunity to keep your restroom a little less exposed to the winter elements.

Shield Your Unit From the Wind

A strong gust of wind can easily turn a visit to a portable restroom into a chilly nightmare. Cold air will not only create a sudden drop in temperature, but it can also suck out any warm air that your portable restroom has stored up throughout your event.

Shield your unit from the wind through specific positioning. Some great places to install your porta potties that block out the wind could be:

  • Indoors
  • Against a wall
  • Behind a construction dumpster at a work site

Order a Luxury Restroom Trailer

Finally, for maximum comfort at your event, Texas Johns offer luxury restroom trailers that come ready for use with up to ten stalls per trailer. Our comfort suite restroom trailers come equipped with all of the amenities that a user would experience in a built-in restroom. 

In fact, we guarantee that with running water, lighting, and a built-in HVAC unit, your guests will quickly forget they are using a temporary restroom. Trust us to provide the essential amenities and warmth your guests will want to experience during a restroom stop at a winter event.

Keep Your Winter Guests Comfortable with the Help of Texas Johns

Texas Johns is proud to be the most trusted provider of porta potties throughout the Dallas-Fort Worth area. From single restroom units to ten stall portable restroom trailers, Texas Johns has a sanitation solution that meets the needs of any size event.

If you need affordable, clean, portable restrooms for your next event, trust Texas Johns to keep your guests comfortable. Contact us today to schedule our services.



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