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What Are the Benefits of a Holding Tank Rental?

Porta potties are a safe and clean portable restroom option for outdoor events and use at construction sites. However, even a smaller sized event can fill up a standard porta potty rather quickly.

Therefore, we always recommend that our clients rent one or more of our holding tanks in order to push the mileage of their rental a bit further. These large containers made from polyethylene plastic are meant to hold large amounts of waste in a setting like a portable restroom or RV, that is considered to be “on the go.”

Find out some of the biggest reasons why our rental tanks are among the most common requested products in our rental line.

1. Holding Tanks Are Environmentally-Friendly

Holding tanks are the only option for waste storage outside of a permanent septic tank. However, unlike septic tanks which can require pumping and allows wastewater to spread throughout its surrounding drain fields, holding tanks truly live up to their name. While septic systems have the ability to break down waste over time, holding tanks are built for portable use and must literally hold strong.

These sturdy plastic containers effectively hold in gallons of water and waste without letting a drop leak out into the environment. This protection allows portable restrooms to be an environmentally-friendly option when permanent restrooms aren’t available on-site.

2. They Come in a Range of Sizes

Holding tanks aren’t a one-size-fits-all solution. These containers are versatile pieces of equipment that are available to order in numerous sizes to service specific crowd needs.

At Texas Johns Porta Potty Rental, we are accustomed to servicing larger crowds and our holding tanks reflect our experience. Our clients can rent a 250-gallon holding tank, 300-gallon tank, or a combination of the two, depending on their specific needs.

However, know that we won’t make you play a guessing game with the size and amount of tanks you really need. Before we start to lay down any groundwork, we schedule a consultation with our clients and discuss the details of their event.

Some of the areas we examine that help us determine holding tank amount and size include the following:

  • How many people will attend
  • How many portable restrooms are needed
  • The type of unit they want to rent
  • How long the event will last

3. Portable Tanks Mean Easy Maintenance

When the time comes for our team to perform maintenance on your portable restrooms, holding tanks make our jobs a lot easier. It takes moments for us to remove the tanks from the restroom site and perform effective maintenance.

Holding tanks definitely take the mess out of porta potty maintenance and allow you and your guests to get back to using your restroom rentals in no time at all.

4. Holding Tanks Keep Porta Potties Feeling Fresh

Without a holding tank, we guarantee that your portable restroom will become smelly and unsanitary after just a couple of guests use the facilities. Even with the blue liquid in a standard carrying tank, portable restrooms alone can’t keep themselves feeling clean. The plastic that holding tanks are made from is extremely durable and keeps unwanted odors from leaking out into the restroom and beyond.

Eventually, maintenance will be necessary, but until then, a holding tank will guarantee a problem-free restroom experience.

Secure a High-Capacity Holding Tank From Texas Johns

No matter the size of your event, Texas Johns has the perfect portable restroom unit and accompanying holding tank that ensures your guests stay comfortable when nature calls. Our service team is ready to help you from the initial unit selection to the final clean up and removal of your rental.

Ready to start planning your next event or construction project and need some restrooms? Contact Texas Johns today to learn more about our available units!



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