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How Portable Restrooms Are Essential During A Pandemic

Currently, the world is facing the challenge of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Many businesses have locked up for the time being and most citizens have been warned to shelter in place to avoid catching the virus.

However, some employees and industries have been deemed essential and are doing their best to help the United States get through a crisis that has affected us financially, socially, and medically.

One service that most people wouldn’t think of as essential is portable restroom rentals. Businesses like ours have been called upon to help create order in cities that have been severely impacted by the pandemic.

Here are some of the ways our industry is lending a helping hand in quelling the spread of the virus and why we’re so proud of the work we do for our communities.

Portable Restrooms Aren’t Just For Parties and Construction Sites

Yes, we know most people see our industry as the porta-potty provider for large events and construction sites. The truth is that we provide an essential service that can help ease tension during an emergency situation.

We know that disasters have no schedule. That’s why many businesses in our industry are consistently in touch with updates from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. When things get bad for any community, the call can go out at any moment, and our services need to be there for the people who need us.

Why Are Portable Restrooms Essential During a Public Emergency?

Aside from general restroom availability, there are several reasons why portable toilets are considered essential during an emergency.

1.   We Provide Quick Turnaround Services

When portable restrooms become a necessity, they need to be delivered on-site, fast. At Texas Johns, we provide a quick turn around after you’ve placed a rental order with our technicians.

Not only do we guarantee fast service delivery, but we also come with the promise that our team will stay on top of maintaining essential sanitary measures for your units throughout the duration of your rental.

2.   Our Hand Washing Stations Meet Federal Standards

Especially during the coronavirus pandemic, handwashing has become an even more important aspect of our lives. However, when a public emergency occurs, sometimes people can’t even have access to this basic essential. Especially during the COVID-19 situation, if you have nowhere to go to meet your restroom and hygienic needs, you’re at high risk of contracting the current virus.

This is why when portable restroom rental companies step in to help, they come equipped with handwashing stations that have flowing water, antibacterial soap, disposable paper towels, and whatever else an emergency calls for.

3.   Handicap Accessible Units Guaranteed

ADA access is important at all times. In fact, it’s the law! Whenever a portable restroom rental is made, we aim to provide access to all of the patrons who may need to use our units.

This is especially essential during an emergency when issues like handicap accessibility may go overlooked amongst the chaos. However, when a company like Texas Johns is in the mix, your community is guaranteed access for all emergency portable restroom units used for the duration of societal recovery.

4.   Restroom Trailers Bring Permanence to the Situation

Yes, porta-potties are an easy unit to order that meet the basic standards, but sometimes a community needs a more permanent solution when there isn’t an end in sight for the situation. That’s where our luxury restroom trailers can provide a sense of permanence. Our trailers come equipped with:

  • Maximum user space
  • Air conditioning
  • Heating
  • Electricity
  • An abundance of all necessary sanitary supplies

Luxury Restrooms Provide More Than Space

During a pandemic or any major emergency, homes get lost, goods become damaged, and people’s emotions can sink to the lowest of lows. While a luxury restroom trailer can’t replace all of your essential needs, they can provide a clean, spacious area to collect oneself when tensions run high.

It may sound extreme, but in a situation where the basic necessities are hard to come by a luxury restroom trailer in a community can briefly meet some essential human needs and give someone a respite from any traumas they are going through.

Trust Texas Johns for a Safe and Sanitary Portable Restroom Experience

As much as the team at Texas Johns loves to offer our units to joyous events like family reunions, weddings, and music festivals, we understand that with the new normal, these events aren’t in the near future. However, we are still here to provide clean, sanitary restrooms for workers at the front line battling the virus, essential crew that can’t enter buildings due to social distancing, and any resident who just needs temporary extra facilities.

At this time, we highly recommend that you stay calm, stay safe, and do what you can to reduce the virus’ spread. Always remember, though, you can reach out to us because we’re here when you need us.



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