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Top Reasons Your Events will Need a Portable Toilet in 2020

2020 is set to be a year full of celebrations and events where guests will need a reliable space to use the restroom. Give your Farmersville event the detail of comfort it needs with portable toilet rentals from Texas Johns.

If you are still planning on leaving the restroom space at your family gathering or corporate event up to chance, keep these five reasons for renting a portable restroom in mind before your 2020 details are ironed out. 

Portable Toilet Rentals Reduce Foot Traffic 

A large outdoor family gathering at the home may be fun, but, let’s face it, the more foot traffic in your home, the more cleanup you have at the end of the day. With porta potty units from Texas Johns, you can keep the party outdoors and prevent dust and dirt from musking up the inside of your house.

Accident Prevention

Sometimes it can be hard to predict when it’s absolutely “time to go.” Don’t let a sensitive stomach or bout of food poisoning become a horror story for any of your guests. With a portable toilet at your event, you can prevent any unexpected and messy accidents.

Personal guest accidents aren’t the only problem. Another issue we’ve seen when customers opt-out of renting a porta potty is the risk of toilet clogs due to excess use during larger events. With a portable restroom, your rental company will ensure that your facilities stay clean and inviting, in order to keep the plumbing use down when your crowds go up. 

Cut Down On Lines

We all know the event cliche that the lines for the bathroom are usually too long to be worth the wait. Even if you have permanent restrooms at your event site, the last thing you want is unhappy guests waiting to use the restroom. 

Units like luxury restroom trailers (with numerous stalls) and multiple portable restrooms will easily cut down on the wait times for the restroom for your guests. Help keep the buzz about your party focused on the actual fun and not how long the line was for the restroom.

Portable Restrooms Fit Into a Budget

Every event has a financial cap and you can’t let your restrooms break the bank. Fortunately, portable restrooms are an economically-friendly option that gives renters a clean space for guests to relieve themselves

If you can’t decide on a unit type or amount of restrooms that would be appropriate for your celebration budget, never fear! A local unit provider like Texas Johns can easily help you find a portable restroom of the right size and amenities that will keep your budget and guests happy. 

Keep Your 2020 Events Comfortable with Texas Johns

Restroom availability is usually a detail that goes unnoticed while planning an event. At Texas Johns, we don’t leave any stone unturned and are ready to provide an affordable, reliable restroom option for your event.  From weddings to corporate celebrations, trust us to keep your guests moving along when nature calls. Contact us today to find out more about our rental availability and services in your area.



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