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4 Ways Luxury Restroom Trailers Keep Fall Wedding Guests Happy

Fall is here and the cooler weather is one of the reasons that many Texans host weddings during this time of the year. Your wedding is most likely going to be the event of the year, so you’ll want to be sure your guests have a nice place “to go” if there isn’t a restroom on site. 

Find out four reasons why so many couples turn to Texas Johns for our comfort suite restroom trailers for their event.

Clean Portable Options

Weddings by nature, are upscale events that guests expect to have an air of all-around class; even down to the restrooms. If your wedding is hosted outdoors or at a rural event you’ll need to ensure the rental unit you select is clean and ready for use for your guests.

At Texas Johns, we take every possible measure to ensure your portable restroom is delivered, setup, and removed professionally. These standards include our attention to detail when it comes to the overall cleanliness of your restroom trailers. Expect a fresh tank and spotless surroundings when you use our rental services.

Our Trailers Are Spacious

During your wedding, guests won’t want to spend their time waiting in line, practicing their porta-potty etiquette. Space is essential, and that’s why we generally recommend our two to three-stall comfort suite restroom trailers over our single porta-potty units for larger events. This wedding season, go with a restroom trailer and give your guests the luxury of a restroom to use without taking too much time away from the party.

Comfort is Our Goal

With Texas Johns, renting trailer restrooms for your event, won’t impact the comfort of your guests in any way. Our goal is to give your guests the convenience of a home-quality restroom on-the-go

Our restroom trailers are perfect for your wedding or large event because we guarantee that each stall in the trailer contains:

  • A toilet
  • Sink
  • Paper towels
  • Mirror
  • Soap
  • Urinals in the men’s units

We also offer the convenience of air conditioning and heating inside of our units that keep your guests comfortable no matter what time of year your event is.

Restroom Trailers Are Cost-Effective

Ordering multiple restroom trailers is actually more cost-effective than it would be to rent enough single portable units to provide a comfortable experience for your party. Restroom trailers have multiple stalls and amenity station that will reduce the need for you to spend extra funds for numerous portable restrooms at your wedding. Keep your guests at your wedding and satisfied with restroom trailers from Texas Johns.

Say “I Do” to Restroom Trailers From Texas Johns

Don’t leave your wedding guests to fend for themselves during their time of need. Let the portable restroom experts at Texas Johns help make your wedding a positive memory for everyone. Contact us today to learn more about our restroom trailers and other available units in your area.

Here are some popular fall events that could benefit tremendously from a porta-potty or trailer restroom rental.



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