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Fall Opportunities for Porta Potty Rentals

Porta-potty rentals are opportunities that are available year-round in the city of Dallas. With the fall season now in full swing and the weather beginning to cool down, it is the perfect time to host outdoor events that require the need for porta-potties.

Planning ahead for your next outdoor event is important, so knowing if you will need a porta potty should be on your event checklist. Here are some popular fall events that could benefit tremendously from a porta-potty or trailer restroom rental.

School Halloween Carnivals/Homecomings

Halloween carnivals and homecoming festivities are abound this time of the year. With so many children and families flooding the school grounds, it’s no surprise that there may not be enough toilet space on the property. With a wide variety of food and drink on-hand, this lack of amenities can be a true nightmare.

By renting porta potties with Texas Johns, you can ensure that your festival guests will be able to find a clean restroom when they need it. We will even provide handwashing stations as an extra measure of sanitation.

Haunted Attractions

One of the leading past times in the fall is visiting haunted attractions across the major cities of Texas. With popularity comes large crowds and the need for porta potty rentals. You could always settle for a few to keep the crowds pleased, but why stop there?

If your event is well-known or located in an amusement park setting, look into a restroom trailer. These rental options provide a luxurious restroom experience that doesn’t come with the stigma of a “shared restroom.” Our trailers come with hand washing stations and individual stalls to ensure your guest’s comfort.

Halloween Parties

Halloween parties are a popular pastime this season. While these are a family and friend favorite, they can get quite messy. Many party hosts opt to keep the guests outside of the house in order to avoid any colorful food spills or makeup mishaps.

Eventually, most party guests will need to use the restroom, so keep your carpets safe by renting a couple of porta potties for your event. Our team of experts will be able to help you determine the best location for your rental. This ensures that it is close enough to reach, but far enough away from the festivities for privacy.

Find a Porta Potty for Your Next Event With Texas Johns

Since the weather is beginning to cool down, it’s no surprise that many families are hosting outdoor fall events. Don’t find yourself in a bind at your next event where restroom opportunities are scarce. Let the team at Texas Johns help you prepare for all of your gathering’s restroom needs. Contact us today to find out more about our services in your area and how to set up a rental or two for your event.



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