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Greatest Benefits of Portable Restroom Trailers At Your Event

When planning your next big family or work event, you want to make sure that you have all of your ducks in a row by getting a restroom trailer rental. By going down the event planning checklist you will know exactly how much food to prepare, how many people are attending, and how long the event will run.

One thing that sometimes gets forgotten is where people will be able to use the restroom. If your party is a big event in a smaller or outdoor venue, bathroom space may be limited and turning to using portable restroom trailers will be great way to add space to your event without crowding out the venue.

Sure, a porta potty rental may seem like a great option, but portable restroom trailers are a perfect way to integrate luxury in the restroom aspect of your event. Here are some of the reasons why your next family get together needs portable restroom trailers.

1. A Restroom Trailer Rental Provides Larger Spaces

When porta potty seems like a good idea for your party, remember that they are solely one at a time facilities. If your party is on the larger side, you may find that lines to the restroom become an issue. With a restroom trailer rental you are able to have more space open for your guests.

Some portable restroom trailers have up to four different stalls in them and really just seem like a regular restroom in any facility. More space to move around, equals more comfort, and overall happier guests at your event.

2. Portable Restroom Trailers Are Cleaner than Your Average Porta John

A lot of portable toilets do not come with some of the amenities that most standard restrooms come with, like running water and sinks to wash your hands. With the option of a portable restroom trailer, the concern of clean facilities becomes an issue of the past. Each stall of a portable restroom trailer comes with a toilet, functioning sink, paper towels, mirrors, and soap. It has all of the convenience of home but in a mobile setting.

If you are hosting a wedding, sporting event, theme park event, or large party, comfort and cleanliness are key, and portable units like this are sure to be a hit.

3. Meet Legal Requirements

This topic veers away from the party scene, but if you are working on a larger construction site project, then you are going to legally need to have a toilet installed at your site per OSHA requirements. Instead of having your workers all line up for a few porta john rental stations, why not go out in luxury and get your crew a restroom trailer rental that will help keep morale up!

Texas Johns Has Comfort Suite Portable Restroom Trailers for Your Event!

If you are organizing your next big event and want portable restrooms that will be as elegant as the happening itself, give Texas Johns a call. We are a professional company that is dedicated to providing the best in portable restrooms for Dallas events of all sizes. Call us to find out about our units and how we can get our business involved with your event.



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