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Planning Out the Number of Portable Toilets You Need

Planning ahead is always a great way to start an event or large outdoor project. You need to figure out how many people will be in attendance, how much you need to get as far as supplies go, how long the event is, etc.

One important factor of any outdoor event is, where is everyone going to go to the bathroom. You will most likely need to find a local company to rent porta potties, and knowing what types of porta potties you need and more importantly, how many porta potty rentals you need should be the first thing on your mind.

Here are some of our tips for planning out the number of porta potties you need for your next event or outdoor project.

Determine What Your Event Is

Outdoor events are a staple of living in Texas. From weddings to birthday parties, people just like to be outside. So when you are determining how many porta potties you need for your event, keep in mind what the event is.

If you are having a birthday party in a park, then you simply need to keep in mind how many family members and friends plan on being in attendance. Usually, these types of parties only require one or two porta potties. We recommend one porta-potty per 50 people at an event.

In that case, a wedding may require more outhouses, and an event like a music festival may run you between 38 and 100 porta potties depending on the length of the event.

How Long is Your Event?

The biggest part of planning your porta potty rental budget is to understand how much the buildings are per hour and how long your event is going to last.

For a wedding or even a music festival, this can be planned out rather quickly because these types of happenings usually have a set plan of when they will start and end. Where things start to get complicated is when businesses like construction crews enter the picture in need of portable toilets for their latest projects.

With construction projects, the amount of time needed for a porta potty depends on the approved amount of time on a project. However, time lengths for construction projects can be rather unpredictable, and they may lengthen or shorten at any given time.

The best bet for a construction foreman ordering portable toilets would be to know the number of crew they have on-board for a project and have an idea of how long the project will take. A reasonable portable toilet provider will gladly be able to work with changes in schedule for business projects.

Texas Johns Has Portable Toilets for All Crowd Sizes

If you are an event planner or business owner that is in need of porta potties for your guests don’t stress about how many portable toilets you will need. Give Texas Johns a call today and one of our team members will be happy to help you figure out your best approach to renting porta potties for your event.



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