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When it comes to supplying portable toilets for a special event in the Dallas Texas area, it is very important to consider these five questions. You might be planning a big backyard barbeque or a glamorous wedding for your son or daughter. Asking yourself these questions will help you acquire the right kind of support and units.

1. Have You Utilized the Services of a Portable Rental Company Before?

Generally, portable toilet rental companies have various types of units ranging from simple toilets to full extravagant trailer units. And with the various types, obviously, as portable toilets come with more features, the more expensive these special event units can be. Most standard event models come equipped with a hand sanitizer units installed and they are very clean. The next step upward becomes a flushable unit with options available ranging from full sinks, mirrors, changing tables and separate units for his and hers.

2. Does Your Event Location Have Permanent Facilities on Site?

It is important to know if you will have permanent restroom facilities close to your special event. If you have these close, people tend to flock to these facilities instead of your portable toilets and the lines are generally longer. Knowing how close the permanent units are in relation to your event will assist in planning how many portable toilets you might need. If no permanent restrooms are close, then you will want to make sure you have sufficient portable toilets for your guest without having to stand in line for too long.

3. Will You Be Serving Alcohol at Your Event?

This is an extremely important question. Studies have shown that events, especially bigger “drinking events”, increase the use of portable toilets by 35%. As the usage increases, you will want to make sure you have sufficient units available for the crowd on hand. And with the increased usage, portable toilets will get “used up” faster than non-alcoholic events, thus potentially increasing the number of portable toilets needed.

4. Is You Event Ticketed?

If yes, here is a calculation that demonstrates how little portable toilets cost.


Number of Guest X Ticket Price = Gross Gate Receipt

Gross Gate Receipt – divided by – Estimate Charged = Cost of Sanitation per Guest

The cost of porta potty rental services are extremely low. Portable toilet services are a significant part of planning an event. This equation demonstrates how low these costs are and you want to avoid letting an inexperienced planner plan the number of portable toilets for your event.

5. Do You Need Portable Restrooms in Parking Areas?

Having a few portable toilets in the parking areas for usage by guests prior to and after the event can help reduce long lines when guests first enter the event. This will help the overcrowding of portable toilets just inside the “gate” so to say and keep parking areas free of “unwanted” materials and smells.



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