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So you are planning your event or special day and wondering “Do I need a portable sink?”.  Great question.  Let’s see if we can help you make a decision on the portable sanitation stations.

To start, if you are having an event, running race, wedding, party, or whatever event it might be, Texas Johns’ event porta potties come equipped with a hand sanitizer installed in them.  Now, most of the time, a simple hand sanitizer unit will cover most events.  Your folks can simply get a little hand sanitizer on the way out the door.  These event units are very clean, fresh and have never been on a construction site.  We pride our business on cleanliness, and it really shows in our event portable restrooms.  So unless you have a specific need for the portable sink, a standard event unit will serve your event well.

On the other hand, some events actually need a portable sink for cleaning various items such as utensils, sticky hands and the unknown messes along the way.  Portable sinks work great for events such as cooking events where your customer’s hands can become sticky or your chefs need to clean utensils in between different recipes.  In Texas, a rib cook-off event would definitely need portable sinks so customers can wash all that sticky BBQ sauce off your their hands.  Weddings can also demand portable sinks.  Your friends and family generally want to maintain a high standard of cleanliness during this special day.  Texas Johns’s inventory of portable sinks is PolyJohn Bravo brand.

Did we give you a few ideas above?  Our staff can assist you in determining how many portable restrooms and portable sinks you might need for your special event.  We have assisted many customers with their various types of events and needs for portable sinks.  Give us a call today and let us help you with your special event portable sanitation services.



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