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So many portable toilet rental companies – who do I choose?

Searching for a Portable Toilet Rental

Here you are, online searching for a portable toilet rental company.  Whether you search Google, Yahoo, Bing, or Microsoft, chances are you will get the same results when searching for a portable toilet company.  Lots and lots and lots of different companies claiming to have the best, most clean and best pricing online.  So you start calling a few of them and get pricing and further details on their services and portable toilets.  Everything seems ok but, be very careful.

Beware of Brokers

Many of the companies online are simply “Brokers”. They use their ability to rank high in the search engines mentioned above to generate leads. They do not actually own any portable toilets, nor do they service the units or deliver them. They “broker” the leads they generate to local portable toilet rental companies in your area. Now is this a bad thing?  Could be. The experience can seem disconnected and you will have less control of the porta potty rental company you want. In addition, delivery windows and pickup times can vary when using broker, with little control.

Prepare Questions For Your Porta Potty Provider

In order to avoid the brokering online companies, do your research. Search Google, Yahoo and/or Bing for local companies with portable toilet rentals. Make sure to check the address of the toilet rental company. Ask them “are you local” or “what is your address/location”?  Or ask them “will your company be directly servicing my portable toilets?”. Asking a few of these questions will eliminate quickly the online brokers and you will be working directly with the portable toilet rental companies.

By eliminating these online brokers, your portable toilet rental experience will be significantly better.  From billing to delivery and defined times, you will save money and have a much better all around experience.

Rent A Portable Toilet or Restroom Trailer

If you are looking for a portable toilet rental company in Dallas metroplex, contact Texas Johns.  Texas Johns is a local company that rents portable toilets to you directly. We deliver and pickup the units ourselves and we clean and service these units. Give us a call today for a quote on your next outdoor event.

Wishing you success.



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