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Dallas Race coordinators, do you have enough porta potty rentals for your event?

With an avid runner in the family, we spend many days at various race venues throughout the Dallas area. Take this past weekend, for example. We were at a marathon and happened to notice these things called “porta potties” (go figure). As there have been many studies done on the habits of race contestants and their use of the porta-potties, we wandered over to check them out. It was about 45 minutes before the first race was to begin. There were just a few contestants using the units at that time. As the race start approached, with about 30 minutes to go, the contestants began to heavily use the porta-potties. This is where the science behind contestant use in and out of the porta-potties comes into play. As the lines swelled, with males users taking around 0:45 seconds and female users taking approximately 1:45 minutes and over 20 individuals in each line, it became apparent that the event needed more units and previous studies performed in relation to the number of porta potties needed for the number of race contestants stood true.


What does the study show? It calculates the number of units needed based on previous race experience and many days studying the flow of race contestants using the porta-potties and how many portable toilet rentals are needed to avoid long lines prior to the race event. Long lines at a race event can be a race coordinators worst nightmare. Do you want your race event to be the best? Beware, don’t skimp on porta-potties. If race contestants miss the start of the race because they are waiting in line to use the porta-potties, do you think they will be returning to your event next year? Easy enough to answer.


The formula is simple. If your race has 2000 contestants, figure 70-80% of the racers will use the units 45 minutes prior to the race start.  If the average time for each racer to use the porta-potty is 1 minute 20 seconds, each unit will allow for 37.5 (45 min divided by 1:20 equals 37.5 uses/racers for each unit) racers to use the units prior to the race beginning. Now take 70% of the 2000 contestants, .7 x 2000 = 1400.  So 1400/37.5 = 37.33 units. So if the facts were true about your race, your race event should have between 30-37 units. What this does is make sure the race contestants can utilize the porta-potties prior to the race and not have to wait in line for a long period of time, which can hinder your the number of returning racers the next year.


With the above simple and quick formula, race coordinators can analyze the quantity of special event porta potty rentals needed for their race and maximize racer experience, thus increasing the numbers of racers re-entering the race the next year and even recommending the race to their friends because of the great experience. If you have any further questions, call one of Texas Johns’ staff to assist in the process. To your success.



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