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5 Fall Events That You’ll Need To Rent A Porta Potty

Preparing for a fall event often means providing portable sanitation for guests. Several popular autumn festivals and gatherings feature timelines and locations where you’ll need to rent a porta potty or portable restroom trailer to ensure maximum enjoyment for guests, employees, and anyone else who attends the event.

Here are a few different fall events where you’ll want to make sure you provide portable sanitation options for visitors, guests, or customers.

Rent a Porta Potty At Fall-Themed Festivals

From festivals that celebrate the leaves changing to craft fairs full of autumn-themed gifts, any festival that features outside vendors will benefit from the addition of having the organizer rent a porta potty for the premises. Even if your festival takes place at the fairgrounds where there are some available restrooms on site, it’s a good idea to estimate the number of guests you expect and make sure that the available facilities won’t come up short. Obviously, a total lack of facilities means you’ll need to provide porta potties, but having just a few regular toilets for guests might mean you need to increase available potties by renting a few portable restroom trailers.

Apple Picking & Corn Mazes

Any celebration or gathering that takes place at a remote location like an orchard or a farm needs porta potties unless the family who owns the farm wants guests trampling through the farmhouse to use the toilet. Corn mazes are exciting, but not when guests arrive and don’t have a place to go to the toilet during their visit. Activities like picking apples and running through corn mazes are quite popular with families, and some families won’t even attend an event unless the organizers have indicated they will provide portable sanitation or toilets.

High School & City Bonfires

It’s a popular event for the senior class to host a giant bonfire during the fall football season, and some of these events can draw quite a few people. A school with a thousand students may see triple that number attend the bonfire. It wouldn’t be too surprising to see some of those rowdy students take to the woods around the bonfire to take care of their business if a porta potty or other facility with a toilet wasn’t convenient. No matter who puts on the bonfire, it’s a good idea to consider the need for toilets.

County Fairs

Many cities and communities have dedicated land where the county fair is held each year. The location might house other festivals throughout the year, but the county fair (or any other type of festival with amusement-style rides) may prove to be more popular than just about any other sort of gathering. If the site doesn’t already have several toilets, it might be worth renting some extra potties for the fair. The fairgrounds are often filled with food, booze, and rowdy guests who might spend several hours at the fair and require toilets at one point or another.

Holiday Parties

You may find it necessary to rent a porta potty or two to your holiday party if you expect to host more than 20 people at your home for Thanksgiving or if you’ve decided to rent out a section of the local park to put on a Halloween celebration. The two toilets at your house might not be enough for your guests, and you don’t want people waiting in line to go to the bathroom or experiencing a total lack of toilets in the vicinity when they’ve been making merry with the drinks and food at your party.

Outfit Your Fall Festival with Porta Potties from Texas Johns

Are you hosting a fall festival this year? Are you in charge of the school bonfire? Do you need facilities for your family-friendly corn maze? We offer portable restroom trailers and porta potties that are offered at the highest standards of cleanliness for your event. Get in touch with us today to find out how we can help ensure your guests have the portable sanitation they need while they attend your fun fall event.



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